Heading to #OFFDEM, I think it's super important to spend time thinking and discussing about what our presence and contribution mean there and how to respect each others truly to transform the society dynamics, to fight structural racism as much as (cis)sexism. I don't think we will be good for fighting ableism this time...

Taking place in an undocumented people squat, therefore mostly non-white people who are so few in our FOSS communities, we should keep in mind that our preoccupations, priorities, energies and vulnerabilities are not always 100% aligned and make efforts to comply as much as possible with them when we have the opportunity to. Without getting intrusive, we should pay attention to the people who will host us there and aim to create/share beautiful and powerful stuff with them, as much experts ones and "basic"/non-users. Not aside. Also : listening, not teaching. Sharing.

BUT : please, let's keep white savior complex outside. Read : accomplices, not allies (indigenousaction.org/accomplic).
Partners in crime if you prefer.
Radical solidarity, not charity.
As I like to say : "sharing the benefits of our privileges and the risks of our oppressions to abolish both".
Which means to protect more than to expose to more risks than it has collectively been approved to take.
Giving money, time to the struggle.

The name of this 3rd edition is "decolonizing europe matters". If we don't fully integrate that perspective, then this motto will be useless and even counter-effective (acting like colonizers). Use spare time to discuss : what is to decolonize in Europe ? How can we ?

Anyway, don't get it wrong : this is not a "cooler FOSDEM" (tho it still is ^^ but more than this, it's a more engaging one, less consumerist).

Cc @natacha @how @becha @ps @XavCC

The next time you use any navigation device, software or openstreetmap.org/directions or @organicmaps thank Dr. Gladys West. Her contributions to the mathematical modeling of the shape of Earth, and her work on the development of the satellite models that were eventually incorporated into the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. #BlackMastodon #BlackHistoryMonth


Jemima Kelly: "cryptoland is not a regular place; it is a largely unregulated free-for-all of hype, grift and charlatanism, where value is sustained only by the idea that there will always be a greater fool than you around. In a world that rewards and thrives on shamelessness, why not behave as shamelessly as possible? And if you are already disgraced, why not disgrace yourself some more?" ft.com/content/52f03314-fa01-4 #cryptocurrency #crypto #fraud #FTX #SBF #bitcoin

So much so that the benefits outweigh the loss of centralised control, even for commercial companies. Making software is creative and collaborative!

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One of the reasons the twitter situation is so depressing in the developer world is that public APIs are a place where it becomes clear that communities have a vastly superior capacity for invention and discovery than a single organisation can have.

I just found the following line in my scratchpad:

The word “expat” is white people for “economic migrant”.

Tomorrow we will drive a van to Bruxelles for the #OFFDEM with 9 of us.
Can't wait to be there and meet everyone there !

We will discuss #gendersec and digital self-defense, sharing some feedbacks about our workshops and our cyberfeminist collective Hacqueen among other activists.

Saturday evening from 6pm, Papyrové Houby will play her livecoding set and @adalanerd will play a DJ set to keep warming up before going to the #bytenight at @hsbxl

Kindly hosted by an undocumented people squat with a limited capacity, the OFFDEM is a political venue is not an after-party for the official congress so be sure to come during the day to join in or let's meet after at the bytenight !

Shoutout to @natacha, @how, @ps, Voix des Sans Papiers, @XavCC, @becha, Délices Afghans and everyone else allowing such an event to happen !

Since the influx there's been an uptick in people creating their own instances, small communities spinning up, and people asking for help getting started moderating or getting off to a good start with community moderation, so I've written some words and assembled them into some kind of order for your reading pleasure:


"So You Want To Be An Instance Admin"

Please ping if you see anything I should edit. <3

Since #Lützerath, the German #climatemovement has 2 wings again, both radical & disobedient! This makes us strategically capable again, the #LetzteGeneration no longer stand alone.

What might this mean strategically? Read about it in my newsletter:


@rysiek It might be too commercial to fit the pattern you´re looking for, but:

The company I work for is running a massive internal GitLab platform with ca. 40.000 users.

They´re using the community version. If there´s a feature they need, they build it and contribute it upstream, where it becomes part of the community version.


This isn´t done for charitable purposes. It´s done because it makes good business sense. #FLOSS #FOSS

Dear Fedi!

Do you know of potential jobs in London which might be suitable for a senior software developer / sysadmin (me!) who has spent way too much time thinking about #DNS, #email and low-level web tech? Also, usability of security and encryption tools...

I'm planning a move next fall, and I guess the sooner I start looking around the more likely I am to find something good. Got any leads for me?

#jobsearch #hiring

The Deluge stars both the people trying to save the world and the ones wrecking it: a scientist, an advertising strategist, a math genius, a drug addict, politicians, activists, and right-wing authoritarians. Over the course of nearly 900 pages, climate disasters get personal, with roaring fires and ferocious floods coming for the characters' loved ones.

Maybe not so far from the truth. #tellthetruth


A 2023 study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that one billion autonomous vehicles each driving one hour per day with a computer consuming 840 watts of power, would cause about 0.14 gigatonnes of CO2 per year. That’s the same as global data centers caused in 2022, which is about 3% of global emissions or what the country of Argentina causes.


An abolitionist designed the statue. A group of abolitionists paid for the statue. There's a plaque at the feet telling everyone what it's for. They named it the Statue of Liberty. It's arguably the largest anti-racism monument in the US, and the most recognizable anti-racism monument in the world...

Except people don't even know it's an anti-racism monument. They think it celebrates the huge influx of white immigrants from Europe that came to the US.

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He needs those parts for his spaceship, he's going to otter space.🚀

The European Commission has today released details of its 10 #CrossBorderRail pilot projects

The map shows the pilots, and there is more info here transport.ec.europa.eu/news/co

In this thread - one toot per project - I will analyse each of the 10

I'm so super happy to announce that OFFDEMo3 programme is online, it will be great to see you there on february 4-5

How can we make train routes across Europe more frequent and cheaper?

Today, we announced 10 pilot cross-border rail services that will provide additional connections between EU cities and make them a viable option for more people.

From Paris to Prague to Barcelona, we are paving the way to more services in the future.

We are on our way of #ConnectingEurope. Ready to get on board?

Discover the new pilot services ➡ europa.eu/!Jf9BJ4

XPUB (the Experimental Publishing Master in Rotterdam) organizes two open days in February: one online and one in person!

Join us on Monday 6th of February, 2023 for the online open day 🖥️ : we will host two online sessions at 10:00 (UTC+1) and 17:00 (UTC+1). Register by writing to l.j.drost-robbins@hr.nl.

And/or join us on Saturday 11th of February, 2023 at the XPUB studio 🍵 : we will be around from 10:00 to 15:00. You can find us on the 4th floor in the WdKA/PZI building at Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam.


#publishing #design #art #computers #research #education #rotterdam #floss #freesoftware #publicdomain


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