"XR TV biedt een alternatief voor wie graag live wil volgen wat er gebeurt
in de wereld, zonder bespioneerd te worden door Big Tech."

"Op deze pagina kan je live-feeds zien van verschillende Extinction Rebellion
groepen, zonder dat je in hoeft te loggen."
#A12 #ExtinctionRebellion

Geweldige ontwikkeling! Pak je communicatiekanalen terug van de surveillancekapitalisten!


Wales' 20mph speed limit is working and journey times are just 45 seconds longer, analysis shows

The results have been called 'astonishing and far greater than would have been predicted'


#Roads #RoadSafety #20IsPlenty

AI is ecocide wiki.techinc.nl/User:Becha/AI_ : 

If we want justice and safety within planetary limits, we can have no anthropocentric, hierarchical, individualistic AI.

Let us embrace wider consciousnesses.l, extend love beyond our species. Let us acknowledge collective intelligences, ecosystems , octopi, mycelia, squirrels…

I mourn our ongoing extinction, and I am hoping for (re)connection, reciprocity, thriving together in a distant future.

Have you never read Towards an Anarchist Ecology? Oh my gosh! Either print off the zine at the link above or read it online starting here:


"We are settlers on this land, raised in cities, rootless, and alienated from the ecosystems we can’t help but be part of. But we want to unlearn what we have been taught by the dominant culture, and in the process, we want to re-learn joy, connection, and wonder, while embracing grief and loss in order to heal. We want to decolonize, and to do this, we need to build a new kind of relationship with the land. We want to take steps towards an anarchist ecology, towards a knowledge of the land that is anti-colonial and anti-authoritarian."

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Fired telecom strikers build guerrilla cheap broadband network in NYC ino.to/cZudrGx

"... but history shows us generally moving towards equality/liberty/justice."

I don't agree. In many ways we're worse off. There are many things that have been taken from us. It is not the simple measurement that you suggest and that argument is supported by many assumptions that have proven not to be correct, stories offered as empirical basis that are demonstrably not empirical, absurd baselines and comparisons, bad data, and so on.

"The timeline is in lifetimes though."

We just don't have time for that, even if I agreed that history is supposedly going in the right direction. The timeline for climate and environmental crises is much faster.

I just signed the petition asking to ban private jets. What about you?

👉 stay-grounded.org/ban-private-

“Not being transphobic or misogynistic or a harasser does not let you off the hook. That should be the norm in the first place. If you were truly radical, you would step up and help dismantle this whole thing. The bare minimum is to vocally express your withdrawal of or refusal to support others who are misogynistic, sexist.. & to stand against them until they stop.” bandilangitim.xyz/library/adri s/anarchist/hacker cc @drewdevault

The collaborative investigative journalism initiative #ciji is back!

We are launching an open call to support 3 new European regional media hubs. Media organisations with an established network in the field of collaborative and investigative journalism can apply to receive:
💰Financial support. Each hub will get 50K EUR
💡Training and resources
📅 Deadline: 31 Oct 2023, 23:59 CET.
Apply: ciji.eu/announcements/#callfor

If you get a severe vulnerability reported to your OSS project, it will probably depress you.

If you are a multi-billion dollar company securing customers internet connectivity, it seems not to.


- BGP consultant started fuzzing the 255 possible BGP route attributes (not that large a space) in *2023*!
- a bag of finds, affecting half the vendors
- None of the vendors has a bug bounty program

Your OSS project is doing fine!😌

"Mountaintop removal for lithium to go into electric vehicle batteries is ecocide, just like mountaintop removal for coal mining is. I visited the site of yet another planned open pit lithium mine that is threatening the Great Basin — this time, in the state of Oregon. This site, about 15 miles north of Thacker Pass, is vital habitat for the Lahontan cutthroat trout, sage grouse, and countless other species — and it would be completely destroyed if the mine is built."


Positive Climate News of last week 🦜
🇪🇺 big EU climate case to force rapid emissions cut
🌡️US to install 20 million heat pumps
🇧🇷 no mining thanks to locals and supreme court
🌬️ massive wind farm coming to Wales
🇨🇴 countries looking beyond coal
♻️ new EU anti-greenwashing law

This shows the changes that can be made by courts, policy and alliance 💪🏻 pushed for by boots on the ground 📣 March, write, shout, vote, sue your way into the green revolution & bring everyone 🙌🏻

Solarpunk de Buurt 🩷
Workshop waarin we samen dromen over een eco-sociale toekomst & hoe dit eruit zou kunnen zien in De Baarsjes ☘️ dan schilderen/schrijven/plakken/tekenen we een stukje van deze toekomst.
Op 5 november tussen 11-16:00 uur in de Kas Keerweer
Meedoen is gratis 👍🏻 Meld je aan via priscillaharing@hotmail.com
Met dank aan Buurtbudget
#solarpunk #Baarsjes #Amsterdam #AmsterdamWest

Solarpunk means abolishing cops allows a universal degrowth of industrialization.

Solarpunk is a praxis of anarchy where technology is no longer a social domination, but a coexistence with nature. Solarpunk is where technology becomes small-scaled individual tools for accessibility of health related purpose & entertainment.

We don't need flying cars with solar panel. We don't need cyberpunk with green plants on it. We just need a village operating small size of water, solar or wind engine. Imagine sitting on a bench with your laptop chilling while forests & biodiversity prosper across the land.

Imagine that.

As the #ClimateCrisis deepens, many scientists try to fly less, if at all. Supported by e.g. @StayGrounded_net, www.flyingless.org, and the 'green offices' of many universities.

The Kiel Institute however threatens to fire social scientist Gianluca Grimalda because he refuses to fly. Read & spread his story! 👇



Oil consumption per capita varies hugely from country to country.

The differences are staggering.

The W3C has just released a draft of Web Sustainability Guidelines … see it raw on github.com/w3c/sustyweb/ or a fancy website sustainablewebdesign.org

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