Van maar liefst 1,6 miljoen mensen staat het gezicht in de strafrechtketendatabank van de politie.

Het is gemakkelijk om in een dergelijke databank terecht te komen. Of je er ook weer uitkomt, is niet duidelijk. Dat komt onder andere doordat de politie deze databank niet op orde heeft.

De politie heeft zelf geen idee wie er terecht of onterecht in de databank staan.

Bovendien filmen bijna negen van de tien camera’s onrechtmatig de openbare ruimte.

Apply for the job of a Technical Trainer & mention me as a reference ;) … or other engineering jobs? Please share!

Imagine a spaceship where the instrument panel showed that 6 of 9 "spaceship boundaries" had been "breached" and most everyone on the ship just kept on with their day. The water running out light would be flashing and the temperature control alarm would be ringing and...

The only restriction is that there must be a specific date—like On March 19, 1983—that the action/event/moment occurred.
Please email us at and with your bio and proposal by October 1st.



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Looking for active #OSM member(s) to interview 

With @len we're co-hosting a radio show on regulation of technology with quite an emphasis on free software at #RadioStudent, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We're planning a show to bring the OpenStreetMap project to our listeners.
Are you or do you know someone who would be interested in talking to us about the OSM project (how the community is organized, history, how to use, how to contribute, funding)...

“Between 2012 and 2022, at least 1,910 people advocating for environmental protection were killed worldwide, a new report finds. Colombia saw murders nearly double between 2021 and 2022, though last year ended on a hopeful note. In October, it ratified the Escazú Agreement, a regional pact requiring countries to prevent attacks on environmental defenders.” via @YaleE360

Apply for the job of a Technical Trainer & mention me as a reference ;) … or other engineering jobs? Please share!

Added a bunch to the Offline Networking page. Still pretty rough, but a start.

So far covered the OpenWrt after market router firmware project used in so many community networks, great for breathing new life into old routers.

Also intro'd Subnodes by Sarah Grant (a mesh networked R-Pi providing chat & website), the German Freifunk network (some 41,000 community nodes) & Red Hook Wifi (which provided critical network services when all else failed during Hurricane Sandy)

At a recent department meeting discussing social media, I was shocked how few fellow researchers were aware of #Mastodon .

I would therefore like to do a brief intro talk to Mastodon & #Fediverse / #ActivityPub on next opportunity.

Are there any open slide sets or other resources out there I could build upon?

Civil Disobedience in a Climate and Biodiversity Crisis

"Ultimately, peaceful political protest should be addressed by politicians. The current government has decided, by making disruption of ‘everyday life’ a criminal act, that it is a matter not of politics but for the police and criminal law. This will have serious implications for society, and for freedom of speech, whether or not you believe it is the right approach."

read the full article>
(In)tolerance to Civil Disobedience in the UK, Adam Wagner
#democracy #rights #protests #criminalisation #inconvenience #disruption #environmentalists #movements #UK #auspol #NSWLogging #climate #biodiversity #law #governance #failure #ClimateTransformation #CivilDisobedience

This pretty much explains the Fediverse

Share this post and if you can, post a comment because, genuinely I woke up this morning to a staggering number of shares and favourites.

The comments PROVE Mastodon is the place where common decency is being restored. I feel hopeful for the future.

What lovely people you all are.

Comment to be part of this new town square, or as I like to think of it, our tearoom. And add me, I'm going to be brewing lots of tea.

Undone Computer Science conference

in Nantes, France

"The goal of our conference is to provide an opportunity to pause and reflect on the epistemological and ethical aspects of computer science. We propose as a theme the concept of undone science [1,2]: the intriguing yet vital notion that areas of research may remain incomplete, overlooked, or unfunded despite being found worthy of exploration by some—and the exploration into the causes of these situations."

"David [Graeber] often said that his task was to decolonise the Enlightenment; to change our ideas of what kind of society we would like to live in."


#decolonisation #TheEnlightenment #TheWest

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I am trying to find my people on Mastodon. Can you please boost this if you:

-eat far too many sweet potatoes because you hope to discover the sweetest potato.

-wish there was more moss. Moss is great.

-suspect that big pharma invented pickleball so the elderly are more likely to get injured and be prescribed painkillers.

-keep a salt shaker on you at all times, in case someone surprises you with undersalted french fries, and also in case the slugs decide to wage war on humanity.

I didn’t realize how valuable domains can be to small countries. Anguilla, which owns .ai, gets a third of its government’s monthly budget from domain sales. Tuvalu, which owns .tv, could make $10 million a year from the domain, allowing it to pave its roads and expand electricity access.

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