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"Now I realize for the first time what an amazing gift I had: uneducated in every formal sense, without even very literate, let alone literary, companions."

Nobel laureate William Faulkner, born OTD in 1897, on creativity and the power of beginner's mind

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Tonight I had a transformative experience with the help of ChatGPT4. I asked it to help me understand what it was like to be on the other end of a toxic conversation with me. The result has overwhelmed me with empathy and understanding that moved me to tears and changed the direction of my life.

This is relevant to my interests for ... reasons. US Homeland Security is dragnetting socials (not new I guess) with a particular product that is new (apparently) and includes surveillance of citizens and permanent residents:

HUP: Berghain Sven is in NYC today, so maybe this weekend you try getting in again.

This song inspires such a longing in me for a world I've lost, such sweet melancholy.

Shibuya, Tokyo
I recently spent time in Japan with another photographer friend and we shot some scenes around Shibuya. If this is your jam meet me over at

How are folks staying in touch with their entire circle of friends these days? I certainly struggle to keep connections going with folks who are far away.

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The Apple M2 MBP has such lovely battery life that for the first time I've felt no need for the battery icon in the menubar.

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I moved to Bushwick last August after 17 years in Manhattan. While I had nice interactions with folks around my neighborhood in FiDi, I find the warmth of Bushwick folks to be really lovely and feel more at home there than I expected and a bit more than I did in Manhattan generally.

There’s a shortage of ADHD medications in the US. tldr; the DEA has not raised allowed production quotas for these controlled drugs despite dramatically increased demand. My opinion: The DEA’s overall mission is more harmful than helpful in the US. src:

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Ending a relationship – the hesitation about whether to do it, the choice to – is one of the hardest things in life. Here is some succor for it:

Lensa AI Portraits 

I met with a latex clothing designer today to try a collaboration on making some pieces inspired by some of my favorite Lensa renders. There were a lot of looks in the Lensa batches that I want to try IRL.

iPad Stage Manager: Multitasking on the recent iPad M1 has improved considerably with the addition of “Stage Manager” and I’m able to maintain an MS RDP client session while simultaneously on a iOS MS Teams video call with my local camera active. It’s an unfamiliar hybrid window manager for me but works well enough to juggle work and personal tasks. I’m also very pleased with the internal 5G mobile data and my ability to remain very mobile throughout Europe.

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“Wintering… is the courage to stare down the worst parts of our experience and to commit to healing them the best we can. Wintering is a moment of intuition, our true needs felt keenly as a knife.”

On resilience

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