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Apparently the fancy new underground bike garages at Centraal station close at night. The only signage for this appears to be a small placard at the bottom of the stairway.

Finally got the eurorack set up just the way I want it.

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I'm looking for a pixel artist for an to help design a logo for an open source project. Send me a DM if you're interested!

Today I learned that coin-operated gas meters used to be a thing in the Netherlands

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Keyboardio doesn't have a corporate fediverse account yet, so I'm posting this from my personal account:

We're fine, but, uh, our bank failed this morning.

We're using that as a pretext to hold a giant 72 hour sale on keyboards, caps, switches, & accessories.

Use discount code BANKRUN for 20% off everything we sell at

That includes the Model 100, Atreus, keycaps, and switches.

Just when I thought I had defeated modemmanager and recovered my USB serial devices, a new (old?) challenger appears!

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Found a method to see inside some chips, without having to unmount or destroy the chips.

Best part - the method only relies on lightly modded off-the-shelf cameras and lenses.


It would be ideal to generate the insert plates automatically from test pad lists using OpenSCAD as part of the board release process.

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The printed test jig seems fine- even with the wrong size plunger hardware (oops) and lazy standoffs, the test pins make contact. I put x marks on the PCB insert plates- those can be swapped out to use the jig to test a different board.

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I'd really like a way to attach a USB host controller (not just pass through single devices) to a virtual machine, to make remote USB device development more realistic. Anyone know of a device that does this, even just for USB 2? The diagram shows a possible way to do it

Protip: If you're designing cylindrical hardware for 3d printing, put some flats on it so that you can use a wrench to tighten it down.

This HP pen has a funny approach to compliance labels. All the logos are on an easily removable sticker, and there's even a pull tab to encourage this. Seems like this defeats the purpose of putting them on in the first place?

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