Geometric constraint solvers are also nice for solving trigonometry problems for you

What was this thing doing back in February of 2022?

We're not bad at assembling electronics, we're just training an AOI model and need to generate sample data to show defects :-P

Just looking at them from the top doesn't tell the whole story of course

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Inspect-o-bot don't need no stylesheets to be useful

Hope you had a glorious , with all of the scratching posts you could scratch.

Weird, invisible NTFS permissions preventing you from opening files copied from an SMB share? Simply put them on a Fat32 thumb drive, and all that weird stuff is stripped!

Python on Ubuntu 23.04 has opinions (and I don't care about them, this is a throwaway container...)

To be fair, they're separate operations in Altium as well, except there exists a output job manager that you only have to configure once, that then runs all the output operations for you with a single click

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Question: When you're making a PCB, do you ever generate just the gerbers (and not drill files?) Why are these separate operations in KiCad?

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