When your peripherals are really the same across different architectures, apparently

Looks like our little router can't keep up with our upgraded cable modem service- connected through it, I get a max of around 500Mbps in a speed test, vs 750Mbps when plugging into the cable modem directly. Should I bother trying to get OpenWRT to balance the NAT load over both CPU cores, or just upgrade to something faster?

Uploading it to Taobao's image search just gives me options for printing QR code stickers

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Haha, the WCH site has a QR code link to their taobao store, but no actual hyperlink or written out URL.

This is another cute feature of the CH32 processor, the UART RX and TX lines can be swapped in the pin configs.

Applying solder paste to this BlinkyTape panel was easy with the SolderPaster, but making a stacked-focus image was tough. I made this one using 16 images and a trial of 'Zerene Stacker'

Tested out the new batch of our soldering demo "lotus LEDs" boards. These are designed as an introduction / practice kit for doing surface mount soldering with our SolderPaster stencil tool.

TFW all of your VMs are suddenly broken, except for the one with a year-old version of Ubuntu that is no longer able to update anything.

Neat: the reasonably cheap RISC-V MCUs from WCH appear to be 5V compatible.

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TFW someone in the logistics chain between you and your MFR cuts open every single moisture-sensitive, vacuum-packed reel of components that you ordered

This is how you can tell it's officially summer in Amsterdam

The Bitwarden plugin for FireFox keeps logging me out, and forgetting my login email address even though I set the vault timeout to "Never", and checked the box to remember my account :-(. Reinstalling didn't seem to help.

Got some Circuit-Painter designed demo PCBs ordered for @hopeconf ! I'll be doing some ad-hoc surface mount assembly tutorials throughout the weekend, come find me.

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