Set up a quite improvised temperature oven for characterizing an LED module at elevated temperatures.

@rrmutt @wa7iut @azonenberg We have good success with doing partial populations by machine- if you keep some common parts like 10k or 0.1uF loaded, it's often fast enough to have the machine populate those, and then hand-populate the rest of the parts that you only have one or two of. We did write some automation tooling to convert board files into PNP jobs.

Linux tip: if you're trying to figure out what physical drives you have mounted, 'mount' gives way too much garbage by default, but 'df' seems to just show the important ones.

A shipment from JLC's mainland China brand! They often launch features there 1-2 years before they are available on the world-facing site.

Here we wanted to confirm that the design current limits need to be set in consideration of the highest expected operational temperature.

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A peltier element + old CPU heatsink make for a surprisingly reasonable temperature test measurement setup

Our soldering iron keeps track of how many times you've made a solder joint. The tips do eventually wear out.

@quixoticgeek there's a mom cat with 5 available, what's your address?

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Coolest video I've seen today: an electronic scanner-paint plotter from 1970!

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It may be 4 days to go but we're already on site (some of us since last Tuesday) getting set up. Here's how it's looking at the moment!

Happy to our little friend Billy, who's off to a permanent home this week.

Instead of being delivered in NL yesterday, this package apparently decided to take a weekend in Paris

The copper should be around 35µm thick, and the nickel coating should be around ~6µm thick, so it looks like roughly the right sizes for both. I'm surprised that my epoxy coating didn't smash the nickel structure against the PCB, though.

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Neat: it kinda looks like an ENIG coating on a circuit board acts as a barrier against electrolysis of the copper underneath.

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