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Is there a leftist or fediverse sobriety support group online?
Looking for non-judgemental community of people who are struggling / have struggled with addiction but are looking to maintain sobriety as much as possible

Boosts appreciated, let's get in contact

Well if this isn't the get-out-the-vote video for mastodon I don't know what is

A channel URL of


for the RSS feed.

Random reminder that you can get RSS feeds for any YouTube channel and that these feeds are updated more reliably than YouTube's own "Subscribe" notifications and without the extra spam that comes from YouTube's other "Recommended" notifications and whatnot.

ooooh. Also it was amusing watching every cyclist skid to a halt as they noticed it.

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it's really hard for me to think of something that gives me as much joy as when zoos just give all the animals a pumpkin

It's actually quite interesting that it explains why people feel fine when their blood-oxygen is at dangerously low levels -- the virus damages the part of the medula that senses low oxygen and regulates breathing in response.

2-player Untitled Geese Game is the kind of stupid fun we need right now.

Florida has informed me that they received my vote. I VOTED!!!! πŸŽ‰


"Scientists detect potential sign of extraterrestrial life on Venus"


Can anyone identify this plant? I need to care for it but I can't figure out what it is. It has some red berries, interesting stems, and new leaves unfurl from the ends of the stems.

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