tl;dr: If you don’t want to be pregnant, do not take a pregnancy test. No one can prove you ended a pregnancy if no one can prove you were pregnant. With an anecdote about a woman who was pregnant, but after a fetal heartbeat failed to materialize the doctors said the pregnancy wasn’t viable and gave her a dnc. Her insurance company then refused to pay her prenatal care bills because according to them she was never pregnant.

Waiting for the sci-fi bookstore in GΓΆteborg to open with all the other nerds πŸ˜…

I’m a massive lover of trains but boy howdy is this not ok

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Today’s schedule was 2 DB trains to Hamburg, 4 hour stopover, OBB NightJet (night train, private couchette) to Stockholm. 1st train was cancelled 20 min before it left. Got rebooked and connecting train had massive delays. Arrived in Hamburg 1 min before night train departure and learned that the night train had left two hours early (no notifications, website unchanged). Now on a 6 hr bus ride to catch night train in Malmo at 4:30am if we’re lucky. 😫

I thought I’d live dangerously and update iOS the day before a big trip. Seemed to go ok, but the universe took notice and everything else is going wrong. Now waiting to see if I can still get to Germany in time for my night train to Stockholm.

introducing vatican 3, we're putting indulgences on the blockchain

For choosing a variety: Iznik is a little more sweet and has no spines, Piccolino is more sour/savory and has spines (you can rub them off when you wash them). The flavor of the Piccolino is better, imho. They want something to climb, and they like consistent watering. They'll share a pot happily with bok choy, chard, and purslane, all of which also happily grow indoors in a window and don't mind being shaded by the odd cucumber leaf.

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I’m growing snack cucumbers (Iznik) around this window, and I get at least one every day. If you want to grow a low-effort, highly productive salad vegetable indoors: definitely snack cucumbers. If they don’t get enough light the leaves will curl like this, so it won’t be as lush-looking, but it will still crank out the cukes.

I've started a short and less official survey where you can rate how you feel about all the pronouns on a list.

It is open to EVERYONE regardless of gender or cis/trans status.

Open until at least 12 noon UK time on Tuesday 26th July 2022.


Dear fellow Americans, go watch this youtube channel and then fix your shit. Environmentally friendly infrastructure is *nicer* than car-dependent infrastructure. And y'all are making it unbearably hot here in Europe!

For those going swimming in the Netherlands, check for waterquality in the area. If it's not on the map, doesn't mean you can't swim, just that the quality isn't monitored.

Stay safe and cool.

See it in action over a 23km ride around Amsterdam, including molen and a ferry ride across the Amstel.

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Welp, I just spent the whole day trying to get glyphs to display in My partner also got sucked in, and now my new hacker name is "edge case". But, fun fact: the glyphs are already in the MacOS system font cascade (_somewhere_). Not fun fact: the easiest to find font has the glyphs at what are now non-standard unicode codepoints, so good luck getting a webapp to display them :/

Why do you think so?

This five-word phrase alone is probably enough to get an antagonistic opponent to at least focus on ideas and rationale instead of how much of an idiot you are. I'm starting to take this stance with people, even if they come throwing mud first.

I'm starting to see some differences in my own discourse. Even if someone comes attacking me, if I switch tracks and demonstrate interest in understanding why they think what they think, the need for antagonism disappears.

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