Never forget, the Dutch invest €595 million annually on urban biking, resulting in €19 BILLION saved in public health care costs alone. That’s how smart govts do the math on investing in better mobility.

Let’s be clear — it wastes public money to NOT do it.

#CityMakingMath Source: @modacitylife

Selfish reasons why you, a US person who doesn't have should care about the ADHD meds shortage in the US right now:

- We are your employees who were making money for you but are suddenly unproductive

- We are the irate customer who can't calm down and isn't hearing what you're saying

- We are driving on the same roads as you and your loved ones and we're not texting while driving but we might as well be

Unselfish reason: when untreated, this disorder makes us miserable.

Ik ben super trots dat wij de eerste #media outlet in #Nederland op #Mastodon mogen hosten voor @DeGroene 😎😍🥳

Ze hebben zelfs een heel stuk geschreven met achtergrond waarom! En ‘for all the right reasons’!

Please boost! 🙏🏻

@gemeenteamsterdam als je bij een gemeente werkt of iemand kent die er werkt, neem even contact op dan kunnen we jouw gemeente ook helpen zoals we de gemeente #Amsterdam geholpen hebben.

Probably won't grow in a window like my snack cucumbers, but maybe on the roofdeck

Aquatic life can
move between barriers and
continue upstream


Regretfully, the petition to remove #LGBT content from the #UK curriculum has 197,100 signatures.

The counter petition asking for that content to remain, is rapidly gaining ground. It now has 78,919 signatures!

Pls sign the counter petition if able. British citizens & UK residents have the right to sign. Pls boost otherwise!

Link to official petition to UK Gov & Parliament: Do not remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum

#LGBTQ #TransRights

Is it really warm in Australia right now?

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