"Scientists detect potential sign of extraterrestrial life on Venus"


This dog across the way does this every afternoon and I love it.

Can anyone identify this plant? I need to care for it but I can't figure out what it is. It has some red berries, interesting stems, and new leaves unfurl from the ends of the stems.

things I wish ppl had told me about adhd 

uspol, disinfo 

I just want to say to the folks who want to burn shit down--don't do that.


It's bad.

That kind of activity is just being useful idiots for the right wing narrative of antifa mobs burning down the cities.

Build things. Beautiful things. be kind. be gentle. be brave. Do not merely love; show how to love.

❤️ An injury to one; is an injury to all.

Americans voting from overseas: If you are also experiencing long international mail delays in your area (it's over a month here), contact your Board of Elections and see if you can send & receive your ballot by email or fax.

I just checked for myself. In Florida we can receive our ballots by email or fax and return them by fax, and I called to sign up to do that. Now I'll just have to find a fax machine to send it back.

Just stumbled across this. So many awesome user-created dynamic wallpapers for MacOS!

How's your covid going? I decided to try growing cucumbers indoors in my sunniest window and I just picked two big sweet cukes. Also, cucumber plants are too big to grow in a small office, fyi. But you still get cukes, so 🥒🤷🏻🥒


Climate change explainer that doesn't make you feel guilt and despair. By my favorite video game reviewer, who also happens to be a chemist. (Seriously, I usually scroll past climate stuff because I'm convinced but feel powerless, and impotent outrage is not a healthy emotion to have a lot of.. this video taught me a ton while being so entertaining I would totally watch it again)

Please enjoy this ad that has apparently been banned in France. I kind of love it.

Just deleted my Spotify account, and if you like podcasts please join me. I don't want to help them lock us onto their platform so they can skim our money and our data. Also, don't want to (even indirectly) give money to Joe Rogan. Now I'm off to donate to my favorite podcasts to help keep them independent.

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