@holly by the way maybe interesting, here is a super recent (work in progress, feedback welcome) #fediverse map by @lidia_p @I30 and @estragon

@holly Shame Gab, Soapbox, and Bloat aren't on there too tho 😬 That diagram is already outdated lol

@holly I guess it was you that made the very good point of small inatances.

I am grateful that you did because this bears repeating over and over.

Thank you for being there and speaking up

@kyzh Thank YOU for the fun talk! Wish there was more time at for more in depth discussions and workshops on federated community building and the software involved.

@holly I wish I would have had my turn earlier in the week end, so I would have met people earlier and have more chances to catchup with people.

I guess there is a lot of time to organise better for next year now

@holly Are you and @th using Pixelfed anywhere now? I checked it out briefly but it was a bit sparse.

@billiegrace @holly the lack of a mobile PixelFed app was problematic - Tusky wouldn't login to it, so I didn't use it much.

@billiegrace @th We're both on the main instance (I'm @holly) but I have it on my to do list to start our own instance. I'd like to try to get my knitting friends on it, but that will probably be hard. Don't currently post much there at the moment, but it is much nicer for photos.

Short comment: Zap speaks now also Activity Pub
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