It's hard to do fun workouts when stuck inside without a gym and I need to have a GOAL right now for motivation. So, .. handstands? I know an amazing coach who has years of experience teaching women how to do handstands, and she has an online program. Random tips from her instagram have been incredibly helpful for me, so I trust her full program would be great. Anyone want to join me for her building blocks class? Full details here:

@holly I'm starting to get the kids into morning exercise... is this appropriate for toddlers?

@phooky I think hers might be a bit sedate and too, as T says, "wax on wax off" for toddlers. But, I can recommend Vitamin and maybe Elements from GMB: The folks who make it are chill with a great attitude, and they scale everything for whatever your ability. Vitamin is a learn-a-new move-everyday program, and Elements is lots of crawling and frog-hopping around that's a more fun way to get flexibility and strength for tumbling than doing stretches and sets and reps.

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