Climate change explainer that doesn't make you feel guilt and despair. By my favorite video game reviewer, who also happens to be a chemist. (Seriously, I usually scroll past climate stuff because I'm convinced but feel powerless, and impotent outrage is not a healthy emotion to have a lot of.. this video taught me a ton while being so entertaining I would totally watch it again)


i recommend civil disobedience, for instance @endegelaende and @ShellMustFall

participating in such events removes the feeling of being powerless, because you see how much public attention you can draw onto the topic by doing that.

@jeroenpraat @holly great video. It kept me on edge b/c I kept thinking he was going in the direction of supporting #climateDenial. One problem I have with it is he gives the impression renewable energy is a simple fix. Not even close, once you watch Michael Moore's video: kgg2m7yk5aybusll.onion/search?

@holly @jeroenpraat I'm also not sure if his downplaying of veganism is sensible, because it's unclear if his figures account for the deforestation of cattle farming. There's a figure that 74% of each person's carbon footprint is attributed to meat intake. That's a huge descrepancy that needs explaining.

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