I’m growing snack cucumbers (Iznik) around this window, and I get at least one every day. If you want to grow a low-effort, highly productive salad vegetable indoors: definitely snack cucumbers. If they don’t get enough light the leaves will curl like this, so it won’t be as lush-looking, but it will still crank out the cukes.

For choosing a variety: Iznik is a little more sweet and has no spines, Piccolino is more sour/savory and has spines (you can rub them off when you wash them). The flavor of the Piccolino is better, imho. They want something to climb, and they like consistent watering. They'll share a pot happily with bok choy, chard, and purslane, all of which also happily grow indoors in a window and don't mind being shaded by the odd cucumber leaf.

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