Had a big move today, and the movers are now gone and we're selling in and we just went up to our new roof deck and we were greeted with this site:

Jean here knows we have a cinnamon roll and a pumpernickel bagel in the basket and is just waiting for us to look away.

We're hosting an Avatar Fashion Show at in Mozilla Hubs. No ticket required, but do mind the avatar restrictions so we can keep the event lag-free. hackerspace.zone/QfYsW4T

We had a birthday party last night and someone built a worm zoo, complete with parking lot. And some one (maybe same person) built a tourist train to take you to the worm zoo.

ooooh. Also it was amusing watching every cyclist skid to a halt as they noticed it.

Can anyone identify this plant? I need to care for it but I can't figure out what it is. It has some red berries, interesting stems, and new leaves unfurl from the ends of the stems.

How's your covid going? I decided to try growing cucumbers indoors in my sunniest window and I just picked two big sweet cukes. Also, cucumber plants are too big to grow in a small office, fyi. But you still get cukes, so πŸ₯’πŸ€·πŸ»πŸ₯’

I grew peas!! Second summer trying to figure out what will grow on this tiny, not very sunny, very windy, balcony. So far radishes, nasturtiums, and.. peas!

Why is my laptop out of diskspace?

... searches around

uh, vi, are you ok?

When you wake up after a late night and there’s a tent in your living room

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