uspol, indictment 

Good, now can we get a federal indictment for the attempted coup?

And here is one on how women with power were ignored by museum collectors and curators. The first plaque is associated with a chair that was owned by an African woman.

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Having a nice visit to the Humbolt Forum in Berlin. Pleasantly surprised to see text like this, and the purple one backs up the statement with a primary source account.

Billboard in Berlin, lewd?, drugs? but it’s on a billboard so..? 

Morning run, Berlin

It’s springtime pastry season in the Netherlands 🌷🐤🐑

Oops. Looks like I did this on nearly every decrease in this row. 🤦🏻

Biked by Brouwerij’t IJ yesterday on the way home and the windmill was going

Me trying to reset ship’s coordinates while playing Nemesis yesterday.

I just searched for "gemeente" and there are a bunch of Dutch municiple goverments posting on mastodon 🙂 One is a retweet account, but the rest appear not to be. If you live in these places, go interact so they know you're listening.

Probably won't grow in a window like my snack cucumbers, but maybe on the roofdeck

Waiting for a sound and light show to start in a gas tank at Westergas Fabriek with @th

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