Excellent graphic in De Volkskrant today. Who infects who? The top labels are Source, with unvaccinated on the left and vaccinated on the right, the side labels are Recipient, with vaccinated on top and unvaccinated on bottom.

The Windy app provides a rather dramatic view of the hurricane. It's heading straight for my hometown. I have some family there that haven't evacuated, although I've been reassured that they put a chainsaw in the attic.

Not sure I'm reassured.

@th brings a jug to the flower shop across the street.

Them: What would you like in it?

Him: I don’t know, something tall?



Peas like crappy weather, I guess. I thought my peas were done since they were turning all yellow after a couple of weeks of summer weather. But we’ve been having cold rainy weather the past few days and now my pea plants are covered in new dark green growth, flowers, and peas pods.

opens Washington Post app

closes Washington Post app

sets iPad on fire

One of my Airtags tried to get lost in the couch cushions and, look at that. They’re magnetic! Who needs a stitch marker holder? Not me!

Time to make dinner with my haul from the international grocery store

Ok, well, my partner just repaired a broken appliance with an old adapter from the pile πŸ™„

Now dippin’ dots are falling from the sky I don’t know what to say

The weather is totally bananas today. This video was taken 15 mins before..(1/2)

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