@th photographing the family of boobies that are roosting out on the jibboom. They have no fear of people.

Thing I didn’t know but now I do: Hawaii has a feral chicken problem.

It’s charming as heck, chickens just running around loose. Apparently the locals don’t find it charming, though.

From Wikipedia: “The English name "booby" was possibly based on the Spanish slang term bobo, meaning "stupid", as these tame birds had a habit of landing on board sailing ships, where they were easily captured and eaten.”

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Middle of the Pacific and we pick up this hitchhiker that likes to poop all over the deck

@nelson Is the Stad Amsterdam clipper. I think they have an Instagram.

Leaving SF, we’re getting a send-off from a fire boat. Next stop: Hawaii!

@FediTips Boosting this because it’s the clearest and most succinct argument for this particular side of the issue, with evidence included.

If you're a Fediverse admin, this is a plea for you to defederate from threads.net.

#Threads is part of Meta/Facebook, and their track record on moderation is as horrific as it is possible to be:




The victims of prejudice, violence and genocide cannot "block" attackers that were radicalised online. Victims of bigotry and hatred cannot opt out of being beaten up or murdered.

Please defederate Threads/Meta/Facebook 🙏

@Lana In about to spend a month and a half at sea, sailing across the Pacific, with no internet connection. I’m bookmarking this post so whenever I get the urge to look up news I can just re-read this instead and continue to have a happy vacation.

I’m in Palo Alto, about to go sail across the Pacific. So far I’ve seen two cybertrucks (I thought the future would be cooler), a car driving down the street with no people in it (nope nope nope), and I’ve tried the Vision Pro (despite the photo there is not actually a cello app yet). I’m eating Mexican for nearly every meal because I can 😋

🅿️ Vorig jaar hebben we 1647 parkeerplekken in onze stad anders ingericht om meer ruimte te maken voor voetgangers, fietsenrekken en groen. We gaan door naar ongeveer 10.000 opgeheven parkeervakken eind 2025.

➡️ amsterdam.nl/nieuws/nieuwsover

I have arrived in Palo Alto. Made the mistake of stepping out without my bingo card this morning.

For time back to the States in 5 years checklist:

✅ Mexican food
✅ Popeyes
✅ grits
✅ Wendy’s frosty

@faho I’ve started using the Dutch “g”, so maybe fart noises is the closest answer

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