uspol, indictment 

Good, now can we get a federal indictment for the attempted coup?

Why women are failing to fulfill their potential, according to “experts” (sing it, sister!)— the English version: The original Dutch version is behind a paywall:

@ian Don’t forget 🪼, 🫛, and 🫚. Looking forward to seeing that 🪼 in some emoji aquariums.

Just discovered that’s Cargaroo is in Berlin and that our Dutch account works here 😀 Riding around Berlin in the bucket of a cargaroo is a blast, and gets you a bunch of smiles.

And here is one on how women with power were ignored by museum collectors and curators. The first plaque is associated with a chair that was owned by an African woman.

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Having a nice visit to the Humbolt Forum in Berlin. Pleasantly surprised to see text like this, and the purple one backs up the statement with a primary source account.

@brennen in the design doc there's a robot; in the real world it's just a gig worker in a daft-punk-type costume

Scientists and academics are currently blocking the entrance to the private jet terminal lounge at Eindhoven Airport using bikes.
We are in a climate emergency. We must slash the unnecessary, planet-destroying luxury emissions of the rich. #BanPrivateJets #stopshorthaulflights

@kevinrothrock Always wondered, how those game sound where done. Thanks for sharing.
(Reminded me of how Techno is made.

Crazy Roundabouts 

The definitive guide to Dutch roundabout design, captured in one single alignment chart. You are welcome.

Billboard in Berlin, lewd?, drugs? but it’s on a billboard so..? 

Morning run, Berlin

Getting a lot of questions so to clean up confusion—here’s how to respond when someone wishes you “Ramadan Mubarak”:
•Ramadan Mubarak to you too!
•Ramadan Kareem!
•Khair Mubarak!
•Happy Ramadan!
•I will buy you tacos after Ramadan ends!

So if you were unsure how to reply, you’re welcome.😉 May you all have a blessed and happy month full of peace and service to all humanity. Amen. ❤️

The Netherlands, where even the vandalism of transportation infrastructure is of high-quality! 👍

If you live in Georgia, urge Governor Kemp to veto SB 140! If not, retoot this message!

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