Had a big move today, and the movers are now gone and we're selling in and we just went up to our new roof deck and we were greeted with this site:

@ClearMask @bgcarlisle This Week in Virology is an excellent podcast by experts in the field. Plus they have a regular clinical update from a physician working with Covid patients and they cover listener questions every episode.

I tried giving my partner a home haircut and let's just say if you're looking for the perfect 90's haircut, I can (apparently) make that happen.

I don't think he was going for Zach from Saved by the Bell, though, so I might have to try some more trimming today.

@nemo @sl007 Yes! This works! Awesome. Now if only the talks stream would also work.

@sl007 Ah haha! Ok. Well, at least we're not the only ones finding last-minute bugs at the moment of deployment.

Anyone else at getting 404's or "reconnecting.." messages when trying to enter the 2D world? I haven't made it in yet at all.

english suffixes 

Jean here knows we have a cinnamon roll and a pumpernickel bagel in the basket and is just waiting for us to look away.

@wmd @f0x Ah, everything gets brighter from here on. Living through my first northern European winter this is a nice thought to have.

@pascoda Yep. And I totally know when I'm in it (well, I figure it out a few hours into hyperfocus, usually), but that doesn't mean I'm able to stop. Because just this one more thing...

re: gender, seeking book reccs 

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