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Google alternatives that I use and love:
- Protonmail
- self-hosted Nextcloud
- DuckDuckGo
- Obsidian for shared and personal markdown notes
- mqtt and NodeRed for home automation

Google alternatives I love but need more users to be great:
- openstreetmaps

Looks like Amazon is retiring the Goodreads API, which just another step towards basically abandoning Goodreads and folding it into some other Amazon service I guess:

My advice? Get off Goodreads while you still can (ie export your content) and move over to StoryGraph:

A black-owned startup finally developing a viable alternative to Goodreads. Fuck yeah!

(Why not LibraryThings? Because, guess what.. it’s also owned by Amazon!)

@th @f0x I miss riding trains so much I kind of want to build a Lego NS train now.

We're hosting an Avatar Fashion Show at in Mozilla Hubs. No ticket required, but do mind the avatar restrictions so we can keep the event lag-free.

We had a birthday party last night and someone built a worm zoo, complete with parking lot. And some one (maybe same person) built a tourist train to take you to the worm zoo.

@a1batross I was waiting for it to turn around and jump right back in at the end.

us pol, election-related, note for folks in Georgia 

Is there a leftist or fediverse sobriety support group online?
Looking for non-judgemental community of people who are struggling / have struggled with addiction but are looking to maintain sobriety as much as possible

Boosts appreciated, let's get in contact

@body @SeanAloysiusOBrien This isn't about written economic theory and policy -- it's about how it plays out in practice. It's about the libertarian techbro entrepreneurs in China I know loving it there because "you can do whatever you want!" While if you are Chinese you don't have freedom of movement, you don't have freedom of assembly, you don't have freedom of the press, etc. Nationalizing certain sectors is a positive -- when done within a democratic system, otherwise it's corruption.

@body @SeanAloysiusOBrien Are you implying that China is actually still communist? Have you been to China?

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @body I don’t recall BLM leaders putting ethnic minorities in concentration camps and forcibly moving them around the country to work in factories against their will as leaders in China do. DPRK leadership murders its own family members, which I haven’t heard reported of BLM leadership. This is false equivalency BS.

Well if this isn't the get-out-the-vote video for mastodon I don't know what is

@phooky @cstanhope This is what I get. I don't click through when they don't offer opt outs. But yeah, owned by Verizon.

ooooh. Also it was amusing watching every cyclist skid to a halt as they noticed it.


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