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Why is my laptop out of diskspace?

... searches around

uh, vi, are you ok?

MN anxieties 

When you wake up after a late night and there’s a tent in your living room

A-Frame is wonderful fun - a few lines of code and suddenly there is a full 3D world to explore in VR.

If y'all are tired of zoom meetings, try Star Trek Bridge Crew. We've been playing every weekend with a group a friends from around the world and it's a lot of fun, but unfortunately Ubisoft is basically ignoring it at this point because only 30-40 people log on every day. Which is sad, because it's an interesting way to hang out with people while socially distancing.

*squeeeel* Todrick Hall did a quarantine video!!!! πŸ’…β€‹πŸ§ΌπŸ‘ πŸ§€

Mae C. Jemison. Not only is she the first African-American woman to go to space; she also served in the Peace Corps, appeared on Star Trek, is a dancer, and holds nine honorary doctorates in science, engineering, letters and the humanities

Original tweet :

I've never modded a game before, but SkyrimVR kind of requires it, imho. I spent an *entire day* tweaking stuff and remedying crashes. At this point I'm stuck with everything working great until I walk up to an NPC, at which part it crashes.

My partner is questioning my modding to actual game playing ratio.

I'm reminded of that saying about crafting and buying crafting supplies being two separate hobbies.

If you teach development, the first thing you should be teaching… before HTML, CSS, JS, etc., is ETHICS.

Teach your students to avoid 3rd-party surveillance-based APIs/components. Teach them to de-centre themselves… to build tools owned and controlled by the people who use them.

I finally found a solution for keeping all the balls of yarn this shawl requires tidy -- small produce bags. They're 16x16cm, very lightweight muslin, and under €5 for 8 of them at Eco-Logisch.

Please try if you need your daily dose of museum feeling!


The online Museum of Multiplayer Art is open.
Conceptual chatrooms! Post-post-net art! Roleplay! cybersex! Secrets!


This made me happy today. (Jimmy Fallon and The Roots playing Safety Dance on home instruments, featuring hospital workers)

If you don’t want .ORG – the top-level domain used by civil society, not-for-profits (like Small Technology Foundation), etc. – to be sold off to a faceless private equity firm for $1.1 billion by ICAAN, please comment here now:

The Dutch Authority for Personal Data #privacy did an extensive analysis of various online communication solutions. #Nextcloud Talk and Jitsi are the only two solutions ticking all the privacy & security boxes!

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