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Before every performance each usb walks on stage with their sheet music, places it on the stand in front of them, frowns, flips it over, frowns again and then flips it a third time and then looks perplexed.

So in the middle of the night my brain decided to wake me up for some anxiety. I grabbed my phone to find something nice to read to get back to sleep and the first thing I opened was Slack, where my brother, who has two elementary-school aged kids, had just posted this: "Evie just told us that she believes that she is controlled by dolls who are controlled by dolls who are controlled by dolls and so on. Elliot thinks we are in a video game, and he also believes in reincarnation." NOT HELPFUL

I'm not an "x on the driver's license" nonbinary.
I'm a "remove gender from any documentation that doesn't need it" nonbinary.

Had a big move today, and the movers are now gone and we're selling in and we just went up to our new roof deck and we were greeted with this site:

I tried giving my partner a home haircut and let's just say if you're looking for the perfect 90's haircut, I can (apparently) make that happen.

I don't think he was going for Zach from Saved by the Bell, though, so I might have to try some more trimming today.

Anyone else at getting 404's or "reconnecting.." messages when trying to enter the 2D world? I haven't made it in yet at all.

english suffixes 

Jean here knows we have a cinnamon roll and a pumpernickel bagel in the basket and is just waiting for us to look away.

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