@meaningful_jan You've fallen for anti-EU propaganda. Nobody's locked to USB-C. The law enables the industry to come up with a new, better standard and have that slipstreamed into the law with zero hassle... This already happened once before, when we went from micro-USB to C. No law had to be changed to do that.

Odin disappeared into the depths of the forest for five minutes and reemerged crowned by the fey

(and then I got to pick a few hundred sticky seeds out of his fur.)

#dogs #dogsofmastodon

How did I not notice the posters in Flight of the Conchords before? 🤣

The Reason why we don’t use the puzzle piece a the official logo for Autism Acceptance it’s because The Puzzle Piece makes us feel like Something is missing or something is wrong with us. Now The reason why we use the rainbow or gold infinity symbol instead for autism acceptance its because we are embracing who we are as people as well as expanding with other neurodivergent people. So Reject the Puzzle Piece and Embrace the Infinity symbol! #actuallyautistic #autismacceptance #neurodivergent

A couple weeks ago I blocked a reply guy who was persistently hounding me to edit a years-old blog post of mine to fix what he regarded as "grave errors".

It's like he never existed. I'm sure he's complaining about me, but it doesn't matter, because he no longer exists.

People try to tell you it's somehow "bad" to block, but you get to curate your own feed however you want. Don't be shy.

What is the median income in the US? I'm struggling to find a trustworthy source.

I ran away from home, not to far away I could still see home, I saw my parents frantically rushing round and out the door, I thought they were looking for me, hours later, they came home, I walked in hoping for celebrations, they'd just been late going to work.

*bemoaning my curly hair* Well I don't know why I expect my hair to be straight when nothing else about me is. 😅

I'm not saying don't protest for the climate. I'll never tell people not to protest.

I'm just saying, it's silly to vote for the wrong politicians, dudes who literally own coal mines, and want coal to increase, but then kayak up to their yacht and beg them not to do that.

I'm just saying, voting for the wrong people, then throwing soup on paintings, is kinda silly.

80% of people already want faster progress on climate change. Protesting to push that to 90% isn't going to change anything.

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The EU enacted a new law a while ago that all bottle caps should remain attached to the bottle, to combat plastic trash.

All the bottle and packaging makers, from massive multinationals like Coca Cola and fucking Nestlé to small local producers invested in the development of new caps, changing their production lines, and shipping the new caps. Today, a month before the law goes into effect, it's basically impossible to find a bottle without an attached cap.

I don't know, I thought this story was weirdly relevant right now with Apple being a whiny bitch. Imagine being worse than Coca Cola and motherfucking Nestlé.

Analysis: the AI frenzy is expected to drive the global energy consumption by data centers to 1,580 TWh by 2034, about as much as is used by all of India (Bloomberg)


@mwl this sub is clearly in distress, they only ground themselves when they are sick or injured. Throw some seawater on it.

Wow, Canada has one heck of a crime problem!

Someone stole this submarine's wheels and left it up on blocks.

"Establishing that AI training requires a copyright license will not stop AI from being used to erode the wages and working conditions of creative workers. ... Our path to better working conditions lies through organizing and striking, not through helping our bosses sue other giant multinational corporations for the right to bleed us out." –


#Copyright #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

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