""Trump is now predictably unable to go more than a sentence or two without garbling and slurring his words— and, when combined with his extraordinary word salads, are speech difficulties consistent with a diagnosis of dementia," Dr. David A. Lustig said Saturday. "


Russia launches the pre-invasion playbook in Moldova. A "breakaway region" of the small state asks for Russian "protection" (against a peaceful, open, pro-European Moldovan government) nytimes.com/2024/02/28/world/e

A good friend went into pharmaceutical work in DC after graduating from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

She tells me monthly, that some of the drugs that these “politicians” are prescribed, using…. and sometimes abusing is enough to have her move to Spain and never return.

Alzheimer’s meds. Dementia meds. Abuse of adderall. While these people attempt to run* — or ruin — the country.

It’s very scary.

From: @tristansnell

What if -- instead of seeing the process of creating clinical documentation as mere busywork -- the tech bros understood it as possibly part of the process of care?

What if -- instead of leading with the 'gee whiz AI' angle -- journalism in this space started with privacy harms, the fact that somehow tech companies get away with pretending healthcare regulation doesn't apply to them, and chatbots urging self-harm?


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For a moment tonight I thought I'd somehow lost 4 years of data in one machine.

Turned out what I had actually done, is mount a 4 year old snapshot, instead of the live version. Oops.

Teaching sex ed to teens means getting all the worst words out the way first to dilute the giggles. One chance to write up all the slang terms for bits & pieces. Imagine my horror when, halfway through Parent's evening, I realised I'd forgotten to wipe those words off the board.

This evening has been yet another reminder to NEVER EVER EVER use Raid0

Did you know there are variants of common Linux shell tools that have decompression function built in? For example, instead of first uncompressing a file to then view it in `less`, you can simply use `zless`.

There's also `zcat`, `zgrep`, `zcmp` and`zdiff`.

#Linux #Shell #Terminal

How do we know #protests work to change #political opinions?

because #RishiSunak & the #Tories want to ban them....

In the face of a history in which protests have shifted the agenda of #politics, it should be no surprise that the political elite don't want them taking place except under controlled conditions.


I would pick Sadiq Khan every time as leader of the #Labour party over Sir Keir Starmer.

There has been no acknowledgment by #Sunak of the racism and islamophobia expressed by Lee Anderson towards Khan, Muslims and London in general. Anderson is still physically sitting on the front bench and going to Tory fundraisers. Tories are desperate to keep the racist pied piper.


New type of cancer treatment using near-infrared light and aminocyanines.
"Different than traditional chemotherapy, it is unlikely that a cell could develop a resistance to molecular mechanical forces, thereby providing a new modality for inducing cancer cell death."
NOTE: This is a peer-reviewed paper in Nature now, but due to the paywall, I'm posting the preprint, which anyone can access.


Does anyone in Berlin have a power supply for an old Thinkpad X1 Carbon, that I could borrow on short notice? (Reposts for reach are appreciated)

Threads is stupid.

They use "topics" instead of hashtags. Fine.

Forbidden topics include "rats" and "petrats." :flan_eyeroll:

I saw in passing a toot from someone a while back that they were writing a book about self hosting your own email.

Does anyone know who that person was ?

New post, inspired by both Dutch parliaments giving up on hosting email & moving to the Microsoft cloud. Organizations often dither for years over decisions like these, causing massive frustration for staff & users. Here I write some reasonably obvious words on how to pick what to keep in-house, and what to then quickly get rid of. And vitally, how to treat staff so things end well:

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