Thinking about that time I ran across a video titled "why I'm never buying another disposable camera" or something, thinking it was someone who found a cheap point-and-shoot that had a crappy lens and recreated "that look"

But no. It was like a 20 year old who had just discovered *cameras*

The normal kind. That you reload with film.

He didn't know they existed.

whenever people give me shit about my cat owning a busted old ipad carefully firewalled from the Internet, I show them this

"Everyone is posting nudes" and all I got was this pic of an unusual hotdog container

Noticing a lot of weekend chatter about helping new people onboard and I literally cannot stress the enough - the experience changes entirely once you follow about 200 people.

Then your home timeline fills up, and you find more people to follow/weed out some of the randos you followed at first.

This place is NOT going to get "busier" if you do not follow people; there are so many posts going on that you are not seeing.

Use "Federated" and "Local" find ppl; follow liberally. It works.

Have you noticed how Godwin’s Law has become redundant now so many internet discussions start out talking about actual nazis?

sexual implications. the one good tweet from my old private twitter 

[this actually happened to me, in 2019]

Cute girl: So. Before we proceed. How do you feel about Marx?
Me (nervous): Umm look I guess I'm a socialist but I don't really know enough about the political theory behind it
Her: ...
Me: I'm sorry
Her: ...
Her: Marks. Can I leave marks on your skin

"furlongs per pint" sounds like total nonsense but it's exactly the same as miles per gallon

so you can literally just substitute it in


“I’m not transphobic, I’m ‘gender critical’.”

“Oh, so you’re critical of patriarchal gender roles, social structures, and equating someone’s body parts to their place in humanity?”

“The opposite, actually.”


Little Owl.

Just before I relocated to the Isle Of Mull, during the winter CV19 lockdown, I spent a few sessions late in the day at the little owl site in Worcestershire.

Each time I stayed until dusk hoping to capture images of the adult female backlit against the setting sun.

Took a few visits, but I was rewarded eventually.

#LittleOwl #owl #worcestershire #WildlifePhotography #NaturePhotography #BirdsOfPrey #BirdPhotography #BirdsInFlight


The poverty premium embedded in pre-payment meters - where the most financially vulnerable pay the highest prices for energy - is wrong in principle.

What's more we think, often, the pre-conditions for installing a PPM are ignored by energy companies.


Email translations:

“I was under the impression”
Translation: I’m furious

“As per my email”
Translation: I’m furious

“With respect”
Translation: I’m furious

“Whilst I appreciate”
Translation: I’m furious

“As I’m sure you’re aware”
Translation: I’m furious

remember, the Salvation Army is no friend of the LGBTQ community and giving them money helps them pass legislation which stamps out people like me

The Milwaukee airport has my favorite airport sign in the country, hands down.

This is absolutely wild: a Nepali student who flew to the UK to take up a university scholarship with a valid visa and proof of his uni place was detained at the border and held in custody for 12 days, leading to him losing his place.

Adding insult to injury, while a spelling mistake in his bank letter was part of the reason for disbelieving him, the Border Force's letter to him made several spelling mistakes

The fetishisation of "hard work" across the political spectrum, with all parties reflexively using such thought-terminating cliches as "hard-working people" and "hard-working families" reduces people to commodities. Why should work be hard? Why should we make life harder than it has to be?

Rather than praise hard work, we should use our resources and skills to make work, and life, easier. Hard work should be seen as a problem to be solved.

#work #WorkEthic #WageSlavery #IDoNotDreamOfLabour

Me: the kids haven't eaten their sandwiches
Wife: ok just throw them out

Me *helping the kids pack a suitcase* look I'm as surprised as you are

is there a greek instance called the fetaverse or are they all just sleeping on this pile of gold

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