If you don't want the fat dyke with a bike on her shoulder to tell you "that's a shit place to stand" when you're blocking people getting onto an escalator, maybe consider standing somewhere more sensible. The couple of hundred people trying to get round you should have been the clue

Missed two connections at Amsterdam centraal. One cos my train came in after it. Next because it wasn't possible to get from platform 11 to 5b in time due to the size of the crowds. Now on a train, but it's left late too. NS enshitification in full swing still...

10/ Final point - the Netherlands 🇳🇱 is one of the few countries in the world to use alphanumeric postcodes.


Dutch postcodes also contain a space, thus breaking many assumptions software developers have about postcodes!

See our guide:


You never see time travelers use salt in get-rich schemes, but for a few bucks at the supermarket you can have salt of quality and quantity rarely seen in the ancient world. Show up to feasts and just hand the salt around. Make it rain salt. You'd be able to get plenty of shiny rocks for that.

But no, time travelers always bring gold. Never salt. Despite the fact that "salary" literally comes from the Roman word for salt.

Basically, go back in time, bring salt, exchange salt for worthless trinkets, return to future, make a killing on the antiquities market.

For that matter, show up with some stainless steel. Or what about aluminum? The ancient world would go apeshit over aluminum.

And that's saying nothing of going back in time and being a wizard because you remember a little calculus from high school. Hell, the concept of zero and Arabic numerals would blow their minds when used at the right time.

What about going back in time and bringing refined sugar? You could print your own money.

But no, they always do the boring thing.

Packed train means higher dwell time as people try to squeeze on to the train. Which means train is late. Also means I'm gonna miss my connection. Fnnnnnnnnnnngh

Seeing news articles along the lines of "we need to take back pride from radical activists."

Like, dude, we are celebrating the anniversary of when butch lesbians, trans women, drag queens, homeless gay kids, and queer prostitutes chased cops into the Stonewall they were kicked out of -- AND THEN TRIED TO SET THE PLACE ON FIRE. With the cops inside.

I'm trying to figure out how that wasn't radical activism, but trans people asking for human rights is too radical. Fuck that.

i absolutely despise software and services that just go nuts without a working Internet connection.

Directly connected my laptop to an RPi via Ethernet cable. NetworkManager doesn't add an IPv6 LL address by default because "no router bad", and even worse, keeps dumping the LL address every time its connectivity check fails, which...breaks connectivity.

"Our research group at Tufts University has conducted a number of facial analysis and eye-tracking studies, and sifting through these data we see that people do not like looking at cars."


Saw something that requires clarification:

Pride is not about the right to love who we want to love; it's about the struggle to gain human rights both by law and by culture. Love is part of that. So is sex. But so is property ownership, parental rights, access to medical care, not being fired, etc.

NYPD Accidentally Paints ACAB on Their Pride Cop Cars

Some people think this is an "innocent" "mistake" but I think it is a stroke of subversive artistic genius. #pride #queer


Happy Pride Month to all the long-dead historical queer couples, doomed to be forever described by museum plaques as “close friends,” “like siblings,” and my personal favorite, “the nature of their relationship is unclear” 🏺 🌈

#PrideMonth #lgbtq

Me: let’s stop with the cheap holocaust comparisons, here are multiple sources including the former director of the US Holocaust Memorial who say this is wrong

AnimeLuvr3469: no i read a thing ur wrong

Ok whatever man

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I'm going to have to write a "Unix is not POSIX" techblog article, aren't I. And it's all because of GNU Grep (3.8+).

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