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Take the train on track 2 to the end of the user stack trace.

dorm, dormer, dormest
inn, inner, innest
kilt, kilter, kiltest
lay, layer, layest
mutt, mutter, muttest
pi, pier, piest
rid, rider, ridest
think, thinker, thinkest
us, user, usest
widow, widower, widowest

Are you looking for tickets? Due to a change in plans, I'll be streaming it from home and have two supporter tickets for sale. Send me a DM!

The HDMI is now modular, in case you just want a single-sided ice40up5k development board with 28 IO pins broken out (including four differential pairs)

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Reworking the pixel wrangler for easier assembly at the expense of slightly more board area.

Thanks, @kicad 3D view for showing me that the battery holder is on backwards and will conflict with the button!

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No chance of a two layer board once the MSP430G2 was added, but it all fits nicely in a 29mm diameter for small wristwatch case.

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If I go to the next MSP430 up, it includes built in crystal capacitors and reduces the BOM, but QFN32 really starts to squeeze against the vias.

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