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I'm looking forward to fifteen years from now, when Easter Sunday falls on Thursday January 1, 1970.

Is anyone else seeing an increase in fake posts at "Class Central" that seem to be derived from previous talks they've given? I've received alerts for several in the past few days.

Case $15
Raspberry Pi $5
Ethernet $2
SMA connectors $3000
USB jacks $3
Someone who is good at the economy help me budget this project.

Another periodic attempt at an aperiodic tiling game.

Thought of your border crossings @jon as we waited at Bad Bentheim yesterday for a Dutch locomotive to replace the German one. Hopefully the two countries will fix this soon!

Almost back to Amsterdam. Currently passing through windows 95.

Reminds me of some of the results in the "Velocipedia", in which people were asked to sketch a bike from memory:

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What do old computers do when they are no longer state of the art?

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