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I’m in awe of how much you can carry on this cargo bike. What an absolute unit.

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Netherlands equivalent of driving your Hummvee to get takeout.

could we retrofit a pantograph powered electric boiler to make cleaner steam trains?

Can Acoustic Interference Damage the Availability of Hard Disk Storage in Underwater Data Centers?

Reminder that chroot isn't a good protection against root users: the directory in /proc/1/root is an easy escape.

Why doesn’t the city tow these antisocial tanks?

question for the train spotters: which Nightjet routes have the new "mini cabin" capsules?

Does anyone know if it is possible to pair a Shimano E6100 to the Wahoo Bolt v2 bike computer?

It looks like the new Ikea zigbee remotes use an EFR32MG21 family device, an update from the EF32MG1 in the older ones supported by my micropython port:

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my jar of shame is overflowing. what should I do with the contents?

The Berlagebrug tram tracks didn't fit when they rebuilt the bridge in 2023. The correct size rails are finally being installed.

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