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oh no. it's been a year and a half since I lost too many nights to this game. should I click the play button?

Tried my best to organise the cables although it is still a rats nest

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Built a small cabinet out of construction debris for our uniquely shaped VR computer (with a big GPU and quiet cpu cooler)

also if you're smart in , please help review my patch that turns on caching to protect against by the mastodon thundering herd when a popular user boosts a review from a @bookwyrm federated site.

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Want to help add single sign-on support to @bookwyrm? You can improve my pull request adding authentication since I don't know how to :

Want to improve Mastodon's Single Sign On support? I've hacked the code to retrieve the roles from the auth server, but don't actually know ruby or rails or so this PR could use more experienced eyes.

Spending almost half a CPU just on monitoring containers seemed a bit excessive, so I've tuned the cadvisor house keeping interval to make it more reasonable...

Do you want to display your generative art during the Amsterdam Light Festival? We're running the guerilla Lite Festival again this year with unapproved projection mapping near the Magere brug.

Do you want SSO for @pixelfed and know how to PHP? I need help integrating my OAuth/OIDC patches with the theme library so it isn't just unstyled HTML:

equilateral food 

Behold my spicy triangle lunch

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