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The three soft capture pedals of the International Docking Adapter are visible on the Dragon CM-2 as it passes through the shadow of ISS.

Figure Androgynous Docking Interface (Axial View)


3D mazes are a challenge. Try a pre-pre-pre-release version with the WASD + Arrow keys:

The founders of the United States were quite the dog's bollocks.

Fun photography tip: floppy disks are infrared pass filters and your mobile phone camera might be sensitive to the near IR that passes through.


Machine Statistics Co offers 1055 SaaS: Card Sorting as a Service.

TIL that Asimov "withdrew" his 1955 story about a massive computer named Multivac since it was too similar to a book he had in his library.

"The simplest computer for which the schematics are available is the Univac FLODAC, which is actually a fluid-logic demonstrator." #retrocomputing

"The main reason for the existence of the ACS is to enable amateur computer builders to help each other, saving time and money by trading ideas."

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