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In addition to the lunar phase, the e-ink watch shows daylight hours and solar noon, as well as the upcoming moon-rise and set times. Source code:

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Thanks to @bleeptrack's suggestion, i now have an e-ink lunar-phase display on a twenty-four hour analog watch.

Good news! The Zuidergasfabriekbrug is no longer gesloten, so no omleiding is required to get poffertjes in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel.

better photo from my better camera. the mayor is dancing on the front of the float (you can recognize her by the chains)

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re: pandemic 

the pandemic is definitely over for some people

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I like to pretend the floats are firing their forward RCU thrusters to reorient in the channel after the turn.

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Speed run the 2022 Amsterdam Pride parade with this 15 minute timelapse video

The LF9 "water level" bike route follows the NAP gradient four hundred km across the Netherlands. Here's a 55km timelapse from Nijkerk to Utrecht Centraal, with only a few meters of elevation change


I'm not sure I'm ready for the "post-pandemic" event crowds.

Did you ever notice that the Amsterdammertje bollards are a slightly suggestive shape?

NS's corporate rainbow improves the readability of their train timetable

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