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More paper prototyping. Unfortunately not fun enough.

But today there’s an actual steam train departing from Amsterdam Centraal!

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We jokingly call the slow train to Bad Bentheim the “steam train”

A0 at 300dpi is a massive file and the zoom level 16 text is just barely legible with magnification. Now to find a suitable frame…

Twenty five years after reading "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency", I learn that the sofa stuck in the stairway subplot is actually an unsolved math problem:

Has anyone else's reMarkable tablet's battery life gone from multiple weeks to one day with the version 3 firmware? Does downgrading restore the endurance?

Trying to sign in to HBO site in order to cancel redirects to this page and clicking on the "Learn more" link also redirects to this page.

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This month HBO's new corporate parent rebranded it as MAX and locked-out non-US subscribers until "early 2024", right on the heels of a world-wide expansion of the former HBO Max streaming service. Since they've decided they don't want our money, we need to figure out how to cancel our subscription on a website that redirects immediately to "not available in your region". VPN back to the US is probably the easiest way...

I've tried several solutions from
Mapertive "works", although it's Mono and really slow on this size data set. It took around ten minutes to produce this 16k x 12k image and I can't figure out how to control which POI are included.

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What's the best way to render high-detailed @openstreetmap tiles in vector format for large format printing?

There are also sketches and pencil tests of several pieces, which reveal much of Escher’s design process.

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