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Yesterday was Johnny Mnemonic Day*! Any data couriers looking to offload a few megabytes of hot RAM?

  • Not actually a Thursday.
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Sat 10000 Sep 1993 03:21:46 PM EST

In better news, there was a cat named Patches that everyone thought was lost in a mudslide, but actually made it out fine and came back 3 years later

Looks like someone's been feeding her all this time. Or she was somehow able to take care of herself because cat

My pull request that backported unified Xen executables was merged into Qubes for the upcoming 4.1 release. This will make it possible to enable UEFI SecureBoot on a stock Qubes install (with a bit of additional glue that is yet to be written)

Pandemic hair 

The interior has everything: Barbie as train engineer, electronic moving window scenery, a cafe car with rolling bar cart and hot waiter, and a sleeper car with bunk beds, a baby and mirror vanity.

Today in digital archaeology: I wanted a PDF calendar generator and found one from 2009 that seemed nice, but the website had long ago disappeared. Luckily the internet archive had crawled it, and since the code was GPL'ed, I was able to update it to build on a modern system and produce page-a-day agendas for my e-ink tablet.

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