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If you had an efficient factoring algorithm, the paper to publish should be modeled on this 1966 classic on Euler's conjecture.

The wall-mounted AxiDraw really ties the craft room together.

NL pol 

Current features are enough for "Mental Poker":

  • WebRTC rendezvous
  • Shuffle the deck
  • Deal cards face-up or face-down
  • Provably reveal the contents of cards
  • Discard from their hands without revealing the cards
  • Chat

Mersenne Cards has reached "barely usable" status and allows two mutual untrusting parties to play card games without a trusted third party or any intermediate server.

Good morning to the giant mobile crane outside the window at 08:30.

Watching the NASA live stream of the Perseverance rover landing now and marveling at how far we have come since the first hand-drawn image from the surface of Mars in 1965.

Xfce4 is causing weird checkerboard artifacts for a single frame when chrome renders a tab or sometimes while scrolling. Any ideas how to fix it?

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