Now that we're all video conference, all the time, @yaelwrites's writeup on the privacy concerns of using the commercial chat tools is very timely.

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Haven't done extensive research, but are there any recommendable open-source protocols/implementations (likely based on webRTC)?

Quick search yields (and a ton of middleware)

I've been using Jitsi and Signal whenever possible. Let me know if you learn of any others. Videochat is expensive to run for free at scale so there probably aren't many non-corporate ones.

I wish there were more security tips in the article.
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@kavbojka @s_ol @yaelwrites jitsi does seem to be the most developed open source group video tool, although without e2e. signal is excellent for 1:1 video and group chats, although I much prefer a real keyboard for messaging and signal desktop has issues, as described by Harlo in her talk:

The EFF has a similar piece on privacy risks of remote collaboration tools with links into their surveillance self-defense site for more security tips:

Please, what is e2e?
I’ll need to check out Signal, no experience of it yet. How would you compare Signal and jitsi, use-case-wise? UX-wise?
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