@th Now there's room for this without all those tourists?

@Stoori This block of Herengracht was recently closed to automotive traffic. Surprisingly, the tourists are back, despite the heat and pandemic...

@th Good, finally getting rid of cars on those streets too!

@Stoori @th they've done the same in my town (Ipswich) and parts of London, but over here they have had to use solid planters filled with several kilos of earth and plants, as bollards like that would simply just get knocked over and/or people try to drive on the pavement(sidewalk) instead..

@vfrmedia @Stoori The residents of these streets have keys to unlock the bollards for deliveries, although sometimes they are run over as well.

@Stoori @th

paradoxically I get the impression a "mooiboy" isn't going to want to crack his bumpers (which cost about 400€ before paint) doing that, but the fleet delivery drivers with vans that can take a few knocks (and that they don't pay for themselves) are much more likely to chance it...

@vfrmedia @th

many times, with other minor traffic violations too, it's the professional drivers that are misbehaving most.

I guess when you sit behind the wheel day after day your perception of the street environment changes quite a lot, and then it's easy to behave in a way that causes conflict with other street users

@Stoori @th

I think its a certain demographic of professional driver, particularly young men provided with a company vehicle that has satnav but not any other telemetry; and are put in a position where there are time pressures on their arrival/departure from a variety of locations.

I notice UK has introduced income-based fines for speeding recently, they seem to be mostly aimed at discouraging such chaps from exceeding speed limits for their personal advantage...

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