@th I'm going through the same :) Those are some nice network cables! Which brand are they?

@rmsilva "MonoPrice SlimRun Cat6A patch cables" and they are amazing. The 30awg twisted pairs are so slender that they feel like fiber compared to normal UTP.

@th they look very practical. Where's the catch (other than not being suitable for PoE)?

@th exactly! At first I thought you had a bunch of fibers!

@th @rmsilva they’re so thin, I assume you’re not running PoE anywhere?

@s0 @th @rmsilva I’m plugging into a PoE calculator (using ≃100 Ω/100 ft from the datasheet) and if it is to be believed, you’d start to fall outside the 802.3af allowed specs (voltage drop, power at remote end) at cable runs > 35 m. This is much longer than I expected.

(Don’t get me wrong, it’s massively inefficient and you are losing hundreds of milliwatts in heat. But at least it won’t catch fire.)

@futzle @s0 @rmsilva The PoE ports are running modified AP-105, which consume 6W or 0.13A according to the switch. The 30awg portion is only 90cm, so hopefully that is well within the amperage limits.

@th @futzle @rmsilva those are neat cheap little APs. What firmware do they run?

@s0 @futzle @rmsilva hackers at RevSpace in Den Haag figured out how to flash the IAP-105 firmware on the AP-105 hardware, which allows the cheaper models to be used in an virtual cluster with fast roaming, without a controller. revspace.nl/Aruba-105

I love these! With a patch to switch I often have trouble being able to have the cables go 180 degrees easily - those thinner cables would be perfect (and I only need like 25cm or less!)

@th Nice! Good job bundling all those cables. :)

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