Your landlord will charge you for any m² you use in the mirror universe!

@ultem @th Their landlord will charge them regardless of them using any m² in the mirror universe or not!

Hilarious! Did the robot try to enter the mirror universe in order to have a more detailed look?

@th as long as its mirror universe counterpart doesn't come through your mirror and start spreading shit all over the floor

@th a human would conclude that an otherwise straight wall isn't likely to suddenly balloon out into an irregularly cloud. we have expectations, the robot does not.

@thor @th someone forgot to program a few basic Hough transforms in the image pipeline.


Hallo Tina,
schmeiss bitte Windows runter und installier dir eine Linux Distribution deiner Wahl. Für Umsteiger empfiehlt sich Ubuntu oder ein Flavour davon. Dann brauchst Du solche Virenscanner gar nicht mehr.

@th lol, I had to block the mirror in my room when I was setting mine up for the first time

@th I have been thinking of buying a vacuum robot, but are there ones that respect your data privacy?

@Victor Venema You don't have to connect that robot to the internet.

@th get rid of that mirror.unless you know how to use it.

@th How have I never thought of this being an issue with LIDAR?

@th Thinking about that more you could compensate for it in software.

When your parallel to it the distance will be correct.

@gudenau @th could have an ultrasonic distance sensor to cross reference it with

@th wait, does the robot not see itself in the mirror?

@th A mirror reflects the laser better than anything else. So to the robot it should look like an especially solid wall and not like an magic room.
Or did I get anything wrong?

@chayrag @th a mirror doesn't reflect the laser back to where it came from. It reflects it somewhere else first.

@wolf480pl @chayrag @th Well, exactly like how you see the light into the mirror yourself.

Also can just try aiming a flashlight or similar in an unlit room.

@th The question arises what the mirror universe beholds. I am hoping for wise wizards, magic and a vile, majestic dragon.

Oh and perhaps a rainbow unicorn.

@th Nuke it from orbit--it's the only way to be sure.

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