If you had an efficient factoring algorithm, the paper to publish should be modeled on this 1966 classic on Euler's conjecture.

@th Thats good. I love how the numbers aren't even that big

@th I love that that is not the abstract, but the whole article ;)

@raboof @th
In 1988, Roger Frye found the smallest possible counterexample where all the numbers are under a million:

958004 + 2175194 + 4145604 = 4224814

I know this off the top of my head because I'm fairly obsessed with the history of the computer that Frye was using: The Connection Machine (CM-1 and 2).

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz @raboof the cm-2 was one of my first supercomputers and tamiko theil's design is definitely the most aesthetic

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