@th is... is that a public urinal attached to... civic grass?

@th nice! I'm not sure if the grass looks healthy, it is still pretty cold outside though.

@th So you just pee out there in front of everybody?

@Tay0 @th At least not against other structures.
But yes, that was my thought exactly.

@alsternerd @Tay0 @th Public urinals are quite common in Netherlands. Though the one I used to know have a little bit higher walls in the front. But nonetheless it is weird for me to use them.
But I think it helps stopping people to pee against buildings and so. Downside I can't remember if there are similar things for people that can't pee while standing.

@patzi @alsternerd @th
I remember them in Amsterdam when I was a child but they had privacy partition around them. They didn't cover from the shoulders up or the knees down. It was quite obvious what you were doing but you had a modicum of privacy with the business at hand. This is wide open. I'm afraid I'd have stage fright.

@patzi @alsternerd @Tay0 @th
I once saw a stone in the Netherlands with a forbidden peeing dog painted upon it.

@th Is this in Amsterdam? It seems so gross to me having a urinal in public view. @patzi @alsternerd @Tay0

@posrev @patzi @alsternerd @th
They've had public urinals for as long as I can remember. These new variants with little privacy are a newer deal.

@th @patzi @alsternerd
Still thinkin' there's a whole lotta stage fright there for this average white boy. I'm about as Dutch as you can get but raised in the US. I sometimes wish I had some of the social traits of my country of origin.

@th the fact that a product like this actually exists tells a lot about typical male behavior 😩

And what’s about the women? They sit on top, don’t they?
Male people...

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