Work in progress, although not sure how to fix it. They feel like the wrong order since I want to have the bridge illuminated.

@th Put the snowy section on the right maybe? Then the sky would go grey-deep blue-blue-white, which is less of a contrast. The contrast on the ground would be reduced too. Should make for a less jarring image overall, I think.

@minoru the two blues aren't very contrasty, so I'm not as happy about it. Maybe more of a nighttime shot would work.

@minoru actual night is definitely more contrast... still not happy about it, so maybe I'll revisit it tomorrow.

@th @minoru Going with a striped layout would be the obvious choice, but now that you’ve tried that, it’s time to look outside the box. How about tiles, bricks, jigsaw puzzle pieces or even random blobs? This sort of layout would give you more freedom to highlight the areas you like.

@th IMHO this almost works, except there's too little contrast between skies of the two middle pieces. Do you have a replacement for one of them there the sky is cloudy? Preferably the one on the right, because the left one already has a lamp post, there's enough "complexity" in that.

@minoru @th How about swapping the original outer left and second from left stripe? Then you get blue-light-light-blue, so the darker colors are forming a kind of frame, which could also look nice.
Though, the lovely street lamp glow would probably be gone.

@th please tell me you're going to tweak your livestream so that each vertical band of pixels is timeshifted so that it's 24hrs from one end of the frame to the other

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