that, uh

(checks notes on black-body radiation)

sounds pretty hot

@deejoe although I made a calculation mistake - 1.1 mHz, since the boiler cycles every 15 minutes.

@th 500 μHz, surely?

Roughly 4 cycles in 2 hours is 1 cycle per 1800 seconds. 1/1800 = 0.0005555…

I'm assuming those are hh:mm, not mm:ss, on the x-axis, given that they wrap as 24.

That'll be the boiler cycling on and off, of course. Mine does that at about 1.8 mHz which is obviously about three times better ;-). I actually use the wibbles in the radiator flow temperature to approximate the boiler run time: edavies.me.uk/2019/01/oil-use/

@edavies right, metric prefix mistake on my part. 0.5 mHz boiler cycling is very low frequency pwm.

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