This display module does not want to leave its extruded enclosure.

The 1kg sledge is persuading the LED modules to slide out of the enclosure


Success! Now to reverse engineer the pinout and display voltage.

Similar enough to the indoor display modules, although the daisy chain isn't working.

You might ask yourself: is there a font in the ROM? Of course there is a font in the ROM.

@th Are these too NS displays? Do you know Baco in IJmuiden, they often have surplus LED panels and such.

@artelse this is an external NS display; the one that I was working on last weekend was an internal display and, since it was indoors, didn't have as much corrossion cementing the circuit boards in place. Pinout looks to be the same, with an extra voltage and ground connector.

@artelse yes, although my display lived a hard life on the outside of a train and is very scratched.

@th BTW, the displays Baco in IJmuiden still have on sale were also from the NS, but then from their sales desks I belief.

@th what are the weird characters at the first line?

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