@th pfff, he cannot even run htop, what a waste of a human being

@th You (I) might be a nerd when your main question is "OK, but what Debian derivative is currently shipping tmux 3.2?"

@bremner @th also "I didn't know we can use IPFS as a repository mirror" :thonking:

@polychrome @bremner @th that's not even Debian, I can't remember what uses pkg though.

@oiyouyeahyou @bremner @th pkg is used in FreeBSD but the 'apt' mention is confusing me. I think this is a mix of text from different package managers.

@polychrome @oiyouyeahyou @bremner @th It's not FreeBSD's pkg, it's pkg from https://termux.com

That's right, whoever did the research for the movie os graphics didn't even bother with an actual computer, they did it on their phone.
@polychrome @bremner @oiyouyeahyou @th (termux's package is a pretty thin wrapper around apt - it's main job is to automate running "apt update", because the devs found that Termux users tend to forget).

@galaxis @oiyouyeahyou @polychrome @bremner @th it’s definitely Termux on Android look at the ps output on the right - the weird username and only 4 cores

@bremner @th Apparently it's "Termux" on Android. Just checked my install:

~$ apt list tmux
Listing... Done
tmux/stable,now 3.2 aarch64 [installed]

Also the IPFS based repo link is recognizable, as I was fixing update issues related to this just earlier today...

@th The best part: this specific terminal output is from termux on android, not the usual html or random coding language technobabble
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