Apple's default icon for a Windows server has the BSOD on a CRT.

@th Been like that since macOS (back then Mac OS X) 10.5 if I recall correctly :)

@th Is the mouse pointer turning into a "bomb" still a thing on Apple?

@modrobert @th It never was.

What you mean was a hard lockup, most often related to system extensions. Basically the equivalent to a Bluescreen or Kernel Panic. This showed a dialogue box with a bomb icon and a restart button. It was a thing in classic Mac OS, meaning before Mac OS X was released over 20 years ago.

@MacLemon @th I humbly disagree, seen a "bomb mouse pointer" for real around 1989.


That tracks.

(I will now get cancelled for mentioning that macOS <10 was about as unreliable as Windows <NT but worse at providing diagnostics.)

@suetanvil @th It was so much less stable than DOS-based windows. Stability was definitely not why people used it.

@tfb @th

I was never a Mac user so all of this is from other people’s complaints. (Windows though, I ha(d|ve) a *powerful* hatred for.)

@suetanvil @th I worked in a university computer lab in the 90's. The Macs were virus plagued and constantly crashing. The PCs would sometimes eat your data. The Unix workstations only rebooted when they were physically moved.

@th fun fact, if you set _device-info._tcp in your zeroconf/avahi smb service broadcast to "model=RackMac", it will show up as a rackmount xserve.

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