Now the P1 power data shows up in grafana for the house dashboard.

Schematics and source code for interfacing an esp32 running esphome with the Digital Smart Meter P1 port:

@th are you hacking on a welcome mat? Or a pile of rope ?

@Sophistifunk the poor ergonomics of hacking on a welcome mat since the power meter is an entryway closet

@th Don't those QR codes containt he numbers you've blanked out? And is that thing really a 3-phase meter; 3-phase is rare in the UK in homes.

@penguin42 @th

its fairly normal to get 3 phase to domestic houses on the Continent, and the electric cooker to have the supplies for the hobs, grill and over split across L1, L2 and L3 (a cooker I had installed in my house in 2014 had terminal straps so it could be either used on single or 3 phase connections)

@vfrmedia @penguin42 the meter reports the power on each leg as well, although I haven't mapped out which circuits are on which phase.

@th Oh! Looks like a direct patch onto the board, and not sniffing RF traffic or poking the IR transceiver.

I'm still really new at this; been trying to get telemetry out of my own (GE I-210+, model CL 200) with no success yet.

@th @drwho Curious by this, I just checked "mine" (it's actually not mine, but the distribution company's). It has IEC 62056-21 compatible IR port, but sticking a custom device over it to sniff IR will most likely not be seen as "appropriate" by the company πŸ˜•

@th Love these TTGO devices, they are perfect for these kinds of projects. "Hello world" indeed!

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