@rysiek i find the #RightToRepair statement of principles quite lacking. Suppose you buy a thermostat that is programmed to only function when getting instructions from honeywell's server. Honeywell decides to pull the plug on the server, & all thermostats become useless. None of the 5 articles cover that.

@resist1984 @rysiek and that's not a hypothetical situation -- it seems less of an "*if*" and more of a "*when*". The latest shutdown announcement: hackaday.com/2021/07/19/samsun

@th @resist1984 yeah, only to be expected. It was the same with Microsoft Zune, same with innumerable DRM schemes, same with Sonos *bricking* their old speakers:


@rysiek @resist1984 there are a few success stories, like Katharine Berry taking over the Pebble watch servers to start the Rebble community: rebble.io/2016/12/09/rebble-pe

@th @resist1984 nice, had no idea! I'm somewhat surprised (in a good way!) that whoever owns the Pebble brand now did not send them C&D letters.

@rysiek @resist1984 Katherine was one of the lead devs at Pebble -- she created the PebbleCloud servers on her own and was hired by Pebble to turn it into a real service. Not sure how they managed it after the FitBit acquisition, although presumably having Eric (the founder of Pebble) on her side helped.

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