It's saturday night and the mods are asleep, time to post photos of classic supercomputer boards.

the software in the NeXT made it a workstation, the hardware made it a PC, and the unit sales made it a supercomputer.

@th Partial disagreement. “The [NeXT| hardware made it a PC“? A PC with 16 RAM slots? DSP? SCSI onboard? Network onboard? For a PC in the late 80’s/early 90’s? That’s be atypical. The NeXT is a workstation. Although a bit weak on the integer performance.


@goetz the quote is just something I remember reading back in the day... maybe a PC isn't the right comparion, perhaps more like a high-end Mac: the SE30 in 1989 had the same 68030 CPU, 16 MB SIMM slots, SCSI, networking, and a few other super features.

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