@th I bet @distel could be riding that by tomorrow night. They're amazing with bikes.

@whami @th oh certainly not, I'm a big lover of bikes but my main bike is repaired strictly by professionals. I have an old dutch bike that I dare to maintain myself but only because I don't have to do anything major! :)

I think the #bikenurse in the fediverse is @rabbithearth !

@distel @whami @th this feels like a challenge but i swear i'd be adding so much new material that i wouldn't in good conscience call it the same bike

@rabbithearth @whami @th it took me a while to even make out the frame! would you keep that?

@distel @whami @th i think there's some life left in the crank but i'd scrap the rest

@rabbithearth @whami @th that's not much! :D
there is a short piece of the front fork that looks like new too.

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