Has anyone else found a good self-hosted open source photo tool to replace Google Photos and Flickr? I'm experimenting with photoprism and it seems almost perfect except that the sync is not automatic and the lack of an app makes sorting while mobile a challenge.

Self-hosted but proprietary 

@th I've seen Photoview ( ) and MediaGoblin ( ) mentioned when someone asked about self-hosted photo galleries recently ( )

Haven't tried them myself but figured I'd pass along the names!

@th dunno though, even searching online honestly Photoprism seems to be the most comprehensive by far

@amatecha @th I'm also having this problem, trying to publish my photos without the involvement of google.

There's lots of great suggestions in that thread, the one I'm definitely going to try out is Simple photo gallery, which has only features I want, and is written in python, so it will be easy to setup.


Confusing this has the same name as Simple Photo Gallery on android (the family of simple apps like simple flashlight and such on fdroid)

@amatecha @th

@th I have briefly used Piwigo in the past and it was ok for my needs

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