@f0x and rj45 in the full version that was at ADM. She is very well connected...

@th Wait that’s a device–device cable, that’s forbidden by the standard.

@futzle Lenovo shipped a power supply with USB A to A, along with a tag that says it's forbidden

@th I have one too, for my mechanical keyboard, which proudly declared it had a “full-size” USB port instead of the micro ports other keyboards have. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Please pardon the mess; this was the only photo of it on my phone.

@futzle @th Very nice touch with the post-it and associated alt text 😁

@tbr @futzle if you have enough post-its on your terminal, they won't know which one is the password.

@tbr @futzle @th Maybe it should be required to publish all the passwords you knew one month (week?) after leaving any job as a strong incentive to organizations not to have shared passwords and to get on with cancelling accounts promptly when people leave.

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