@th a great one. tip: have the right gear on the first and the third number wheel colored in blue for instant readability. except you'll build a case, then nevermind

@herzmut good idea! When I reprint the second wheels to fix an alignment issue, I'll paint them with red digits

@momo @herzmut the digits are recessed so it is easy to color them with a fine tip sharpie

Thank you. I did not recognize that those are recessed. Very nice.

@th Model colors (like for model airplanes) are also very good for this. @momo

@th Nice build but after the past year I have to ask: what even is time? XD

@Kensan due to a miscalculation in gearing, the previous design implemented an idiosyncratic version of time that slipped into the in-betweens. In the new one there is a linear progression of time.

@th It sounds like your previous design was a clock made for the years 2020/2021 😬

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