Quiet morning in the centrum before the tourists return.

@th I was there the other day, it was so peaceful. Never seen it so clean!

@th also my friends opened up a Currywurst store there, if you're ever in the mood for a good snack. The fries are 🔥🔥

@Tay0 @th haha I'd recommend Thailand over the Netherlands any day 😅

@Gina @Tay0 @th I’ve only heard about soapies and cheap liquor from Thailand, never anything else about the food or cool places to visit. Though, all my friends that’s been there are military so that could explain their experiences or lack there of, of the local culture and scenery.

I was in the military and heard much about Thailand. Not much of it was wholesome. Afraid to ask what a soapy is.
@Gina @th

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