I'm gonna repost all my random hardware hacks in this thread
Deadbugging a BGA NOR flash IC from an iPod nano (I never actually finished this solder job - midway through, I figured out how to reflash it through software)
My old desktop PC.

Fish tank water pump, milk bottle reservoir, car aircon radiator.
Booting a raspberry pi with a small black-and-white CRT
Trying to improve the signal integrity of my thinkpad's internal sata bus (it did not help...)
iPod Classic (5th gen) with HDD window (yes, it really works!)
Adding optical audio output (toslink) to an iPod Classic (4th gen). Unfortunately I never got this fully working, there was a lot of distortion due to clock jitter, but it did technically work.
iPod Nano (1st gen) with custom boot logo and serial number (via reflashing the NOR flash)
An LGA755 socket potted in resin, as a drinks coaster

@retr0id pick-n-place machines hate this one weird trick to simplify your two layer board routing

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