Why did automats disappear everywhere other than the Netherlands?

they did not, ask overpass turbo :)
we have pizza and baguette automates in France for example

Hmmm ,🤔

Less interested in people serving you or personal interaction, more into cheap goods?

Wondering why people wouldn't want them in other places.

@th In Belgium you sometimes have strawberry automats, bread is very common. Potato also happens. The newest trend is full on pizza making machines in villages. Automat extended?

@th In France there are some. Also in Germany you can find some. Maybe not so numerous like in the Netherlands.

@th I read about them in the US, apparently they originally took off in NYC but not so much anywhere else. Over time New Yorkers just sort of lost interest in comparison to other equally efficient options.

@th Spain and Italy still have plenty. The only place to get food during siesta/pranzo.

A response to this that I heard is a difference in germaphobia. I'm thinking it could be a combination of that and efficiency.

@th in Berlin-Kreuzberg is a Shop, called "Automat"* in Freiligrathstr. Somewhere in the middle, on northside
*) not sure about the exactly name

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