The poffertjes are beautiful, wish you were here.

Crossing the Amstel on a tiny hand-operated cable ferry.

@th Eines der nationalen Spezialitäten meiner Heimat!😄👏


What a lovely day out! (Also, the box on your bike is better than my box.)

@th how do other boats get past that cable?

@ranjit @th inquiring minds want to know! (I came to ask the same question)

@ranjit after crossing, the cable tension is released and it sinks to the bottom.

@th ah, thanks!

I assume the whole thing is powered by that huge electric toothbrush in the background.

@th @ranjit this is a setup for a low speed barge chase sequence in which some kids hiding in the bushes jump out and start ratcheting up the cable after the first barge passes

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