I need this device. Can it make a sine wave? Can I plug it into a filter? I don't care, I need it.


haha - I bet you'd still need an extra ctrl key or two to get all the combinations you need.

@meena @th Oh no! It looks like someone pushed the 23rd button in the 12th row by accident...
y'all better run now

@th Not unlike some Emacs packages, wait until one of those bulbs dies and you find out they’re connected in series. 😂

@th Good luck with that. Bet you will feel like a 1950's machine operator.

@th 'finally' rubs emacs as bad as 'just' does for software

@th what about your foot pedals? How are they arranged?

@th thats literally the most unbased thing I saw on Mastodon till...

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