@th that last one with the piano keys gets better and better the longer i stare at it

@brennen @th the Italian steno keyboard system uses a piano like keyboard!


I believe there are ways to use MIDI keyboards for training.

@th To me, these look more like (artsy) „key arrangements“…

@th @brainwane That first one looks like something the QMK folks would’ve built in the 19th century.

@th Took me a moment to stop laughing and realize that key didn't say "Grosse Buche", which means "huge log" in French. I couldn't stop laughing at the notion that long before email and google docs there was once a one-keystroke way to say "I want to drop a huge log on this document."

@th I only own one of these four but desperately need the other 3. I’ve had ebay alerts for an affordable Hammond for 5+ years.

@th In case you want another peculiar keyboard layout, this is the one used by Emily Dickinson. Taken at the Emily Dickinson house/museum in Amherst, MA.

@th I don’t think they’re sounds in the third one? There are just two characters per key. What I find weird tho is that I don’t know for which language it’s made. «GROSSE BUCHST.» seems to be German, but then there’s no umlaut; it looks a lot more like the letters to write Portuguese.

(also first one is weird but not less logical than qwerty)

@melunaka you're right -- I had misinterpreted the shape as a stenography keyboard and assumed they were sounds. According to the sign it is the Hammond #2 typewriter from 1893.

@th the fourth is blessed. a gentle strike of the key produces a lowercase letter ;)

@th That first one is so nearly ETAOIN SHRDLU but not quite.

@th Oh dear! I was just thinking the musical-keyboard one at least would be familiar to musicians -- and then I realized.

@th and what, pray tell, is cursed about stenography

(the first two, 100% agree. The musical one I want to try for myself before I decide it's cursed.)

@WizardOfDocs @th

Are these pictures taken at the Musée des Arts et Metiers?

That musical keyboard really blew my mind. As the need for a keyboard became clear, the inventors first tried a format they knew.

Now, of course, people play their computer keyboards into ableton as virtual MIDI controllers...

@th And I thought they were crazy when they put the ? Next to the M instead of the shift key.

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