Did the Amiga 1000 ever run Internet Explorer? There seems to be a System 7.5 68k Mac release, although I think that required an MMU.

@th Unlikely. Bill Gates hadn’t invented the internet yet.

@th No.

The Amiga never ran Internet Explorer AFAIK.

Most *certainly* an Amiga 1000 never ran Internet Explorer.

However: Amigas excelled at emulation!

It's possible, in theory, to run IE in Windows on an Amiga with a bridgeboard (e.g. ) but uhhh, I think the A1000 Sidecars were IBM XT (Intel 8088 clocked at 4.77 MHz) at best? So, running Windows + IE? Very dubious.

Emplants for Mac (and Mac IE) virtualization for example also required newer Amigas than A1000s AFAIK.

@th Maybe, you could use AMAX II on an A1000 and run System 7.5 whatever and that version of IE?

I'm not sure.

I haven't tried AMAX since the 1980s.

It blew my mind then though. Seeing Macintosh software run on my friend's A2000, in color! It was also: FASTER, than my parents' Macintosh.

Plus: it was an Amiga, so once you tired of the tiresome Mac crapware, you could actually run stuff worth running.

We ended up on the worst timeline when we lost CBM and Amigas IMHO.

@th Contrary to popular belief, Amigas shipped with MC680x0 variants that had MMUs.

Indeed, in addition to MC68030, MC68040 (both which had MMUs and were available, stock, in A3000s and A4000s respectively), Commodore Amigas even shipped MC68060s, which Apple and many other vendors never shipped, at all.

Now: whether Workbench *utilized* the MMUs, is another matter.

However, even IOMMUs haven't mitigated real world DMA attacks (e.g. Thunderspy), in decades.

IMHO MMUs are "security snakeoil".

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