I deleted my #Pixelfed instance recently. IMHO the project is falling into the trap of featuritis. It keeps on adding more features (and thus code) that stray away from it's original goal - to be a fediverse alternative to Instagram, focused on pictures. Again, that's my very personal decision. I definitely wish them luck and the right audience! It just isn't me anymore who feels like a good candidate as their target audience. It happens :)

@jwildeboer Yeah... I have a similar opinion. I waited for the LDAP integration for example to start away, but the implementation is really bad and not working for me at all. Instead now Live Streaming is implemented, which I thought should be more covered by Peertube...


@ij @jwildeboer I've hacked together OIDC support into pixelfed that works with keycloak for SSO, but don't know how to PHP enough to make it usable for others. github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/p

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