Rather than make new devices that will turn into e-waste after the event, we're recycling old price tags into networked conference badges.

Floyd-Steinberg dithering looks nice on the high-density B&W e-ink screen

Now with battery voltage measurement in the telemetry

New images are sent to the tags using the A7106 radio module from another tag, driven by gpio from a Pi.

@th i really want to make one, where did you get the e-ink screen?

@th I'm confused. Why are these being used as price tags? Seems a bit silly to begin with.

@Capheind @th my thoughts exactly. i endorse not contributing to e waste but what stores use networked price tags like this?

@noa @Capheind how else would you display the price of the different hagelslagen?

@th @noa @Capheind

If there's breakfast chocolate, is there non breakfast chocolate?

What is different between the different types of chocolate?

@th @noa @Capheind tfw your price tag is more valuable than the things it's selling
seems very silly to me

@noa @Capheind @th There's a grocery near-ish me that uses these!

I only hope they keep them in use for a long while...

They can tie them into their inventory system and keep them up to date. Also reuse for different products. Avoids printing new tags everytime a price changes.

@th just a tiny nitpick, but wouldn't this be reusing instead? as in reduce>reuse>recycle.

@Riedler @th I'd say it's upcycling actually 🤔 Because reusing it using again with the same function, whereas here the object is given new functions

@th really glad this type of project is gaining more traction. I recently dumpstered an eink pricetag from trader joes in the US and was hoping someone had figured out a simple way to reuse it.

in berlin I noticed the lidl is using almost 100% eink price tags and they are using multi color ones now too

@liaizon @th big respect for them for using eink screens this way

@liaizon @th E-ink price tags, or how to adjust the price multiple times a day based on the time of day 🤫

So you could generate art with a chain of those tags that travels from one tag to another and mutates over time.
Great work!

@momo tag-to-tag communication is possible, although battery life is a challenge - RX mode takes 18mA, compared to sleeping 5uA.

@th Okay that is a huge difference. More than 3 times the power drain.

@momo it's even worse: more than 3000 times the power.

@th @neil great work! Just need a nice binary GUI application for non technical folks to use


Do you know, why they throw funktional devices away?

Do you know of a website to buy them?

@h2owasser @th
I can't find them for less than 12€ (used, for the small ones) in DE.
Any suggestions (apart from shoplifting) appreciated.

@th I really like the MSP430 platform - it was my introduction to MCU programming!

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