My new conspiracy theory: systemd is part of Microsoft's decades long embrace-extend-extinguish strategy that has entered a new phase with their hiring of Lenard Poettering

@th It's unclear if they plan to kill it. Looks more like embrace-extend-extract now.

Trading our user data is so profitable it has changed their game.

What Microsoft builds is a botnet of zombified client devices that send them the profitable user data, so they can sell it to the highest bidder.

They don't care if that's open source, most people can't read code anyway.

@th Same station, same photo, same data.. Is their system still crashing? When did you take this picture? I took it on 20181124.

@artelse We should have waved to each other. My EXIF says November 22, 2018.

@th how much of a theory is it still given the decades of evidence amassed?

Seems as if it's proven science.

Sure, it could continue to evolve and get worse clearly.

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