@th Can it be used without agreeing to the EULA?

@th And if you tap twice to go back too slowly, it accepts without you accepting? Huh

@th and uh, tap the same button once or twice? definitely room for people who have difficulties with such motions then

@th "... thereby if user in as so much as looks at it, guarantee is immediately voided. Vendor is under no obligation to ever show anything useful once display has been onwrapped thereby voiding the end user licence agreement according to §7 consumer law..."

@th :blobcatevil: yes, and now accept it and give your monitor internet

@th@social.v.st it's huawei, they're probably sending your data to the chinese government as you speak.
that's why you don't buy a smart monitor if possible.
if this isn't a smart monitor, then why would they require you to agree to a eula on a monitor.
either way smart monitors shouldn't exist, otherwise it's not a monitor, it's a television.

@th this makes me happy to have collected more monitors than I can justify needing that are all too old to have embedded software.

@th I'm so sick of "smart" shit and it's not going anywhere. It's just saturating every product you can imagine.
@th "smart" monitor?
I was under the impression monitors were still pure...


Back: Tap twice
Agree: Tap once

*taps twice for back*

You agreed twice! :D

@th they're turning them into mini-computers on their own, but with vastly less ability to install your own shit on them, and it's the worst

@carcinopithecus it would be delightful if they turned into minicomputers to add to my collection

@rick @th Just wait, after you agree Windows 3.11 will boot on it.
In a few years.

In order to use our monitor in high resolution you need to install our application and login with your MI account.

Please note, that we're using patented technologies and you're obliged NOT to disassemble, modify, or replace details in our device. In case we find traces of EULA violation, you'll be fined with 66% of device price (no VAT included) from card linked to your MI account.
@slylittlefox @th I juat don't know how do they call their "ecosystem" elements in Huawei

@th Agree once – OR – agree twice to Disagree? 🤔 I see what they did there…😉

@th The fuck?? It's HARDWARE.

We'd probably be sending it back and getting a different brand. Like the time a WD external drive came with a EULA thing on a slip of paper, tryimg to claim we agreed to arbitration. We sent it back and bought Seagate.

@th I'm waiting for the from the hospital that you agree to as soon as you're born.

@th Your new monitor might also have a return policy. Just saying.

@th software updates of the screen? How does that work. It's mot like you'd normally connect them to a network?

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