What happens if you feed the GPS data from the handlebar camera into World-o-Techno? Wonderful generative sound track for biking to :

World'o'Techno is an amazing location specific generative music machine that has made the rounds at SHA, EMF, CCC and now . It has a label that says "Please take the art for a walk"

@th I love this thing. It is so simple, but very engaging at the same time.

@th 🛒 ❤️ 🔊 yes, I remember hearing it a few times on #CCC

Nice view of Amsterdam Castle.

Beautiful. Makes me homesick for the NL.

@th this is cool! 😁 How long did the trip take you? ~2 hours?

Sharing World'o'Techno content with my family, and I'm afraid they just won't understand when I tell them how much I love it.

Like, the sheer joy of afaict EVERYONE when they hear that smol robot vibing - it's really something else.

@pascoda it, and me, have made it safely back to UK. Now we can both have a quiet rest 😀

@flangey good to hear. looking forward to seeing both of you soon again :)

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