Does anyone know why Aruba AP105 access points on gigabit PoE sometimes fall back to "Fast" 100Mbps Ethernet after a few days or weeks of up time?

@th indicative of cabling issues? btw, is it connected to an unmanaged switch by any chance?

@sevan maybe a cable problem? the upper floors seem to fallback more often and the in-wall cabling is of unknown quality.

@th I've definitely been stuck managing a building that had ancient cabling of dubious workmanship which suffered from links not being being up kept up at Gbe so links would fall back.

@th is the AP idle at the time? I think some of the “Green” Ethernet (Energy Efficient Ethernet; ie power saving) approaches power down some of the pairs (1G needs 4 pairs; 100M needs only 2 pairs) to save power when the link is idle.

Don’t know about the Aruba, but I’m fairly sure I saw my Mac Mini Ethernet dropping down to 100M link when it had been idle for some time (then back to full speed when there was activity). Surprised me at the time.

@th probably because it is tired after a rough week on-line and needs some time to recover

@th for me it once was a RJ45 connector that needed reseating. It didn’t have proper pressure on the pins in the socket.

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