tough question: do we block for being "actually it's GNU slash Linux" reply guys or for their anime avatars?

@welshpixie the best part is that their condescending conclusion is totally wrong since I'm also running xfce4

@th XD Aren't they always like that though, waffling some crap that's way off the mark and, yes, extremely condescending

@th I always assumed that the slash in GNU slash Linux was like the slash in Kirk slash Spock

lewd? little details 

@phooky @th

and now, I'm trying to image lewd fics centered on Linux (the kernel), gcc and maybe a kinky threesome with emacs.

(emacs is a kinkster. you're not going to change my mind on this.)

@th <sarcasm>I'm sure that after 32 years, the GNU Hurd will be done any day now and they'll be able to get rid of that awful Linux once and for all </sarcasm>.

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