For slow-tv fans, here's three hours of real-time biking into the sunset with only the noise of the constant headwind.

@th ah cool! I did Amsterdam down the coast a week or so ago and cursed not having brought a go pro.. now I can show friends this instead :))

@th That flyover cycle bridge towards the end is really cool!

@welshpixie the Nesciobrug is a wonderful 800m ride over the Rijnkanal! You can see it better in the timewarp video in the opposite direciton

I'd rather be that movie than see the movie.

@th I remember there used to be a local public access TV producer where I lived in the ‘90s that did a show called “Watching the World Pass By” where it would be one long relaxing shot for an hour. One episode was a box of kittens, one was a close up of a parking meter counting down for an hour, with the street noise in the background.

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