@loke @sevan @th That's impressive. Maybe this design needs to come back. Even if there was a patent on it, it will have lapsed.

@loke this was 26 years ago. Why did manufacturers stop building this beauty? It was so cool. Every time we closed it, we were smiling at how cool it is.
@sevan @th

@arh @sevan @th it appears the main reasons would be cost, and the introduction if larger screens, meaning that the keyboard didn't need to be small anymore.

That said, I would love to see all modern take on this, a very compact computer with a small screen, but still having a full size keyboard. It would have to be a new design, since the old butterfly keyboard was quite thick. It would probably be very expensive though.

@th With a sufficiently advanced lap, it did in '83.

@mhd @th

Oh man I totally forgot about keyboard cutout cheat sheet templates... they should totally bring those back.

@float13 @mhd @th from the thumbnail I read that as "mailmerge commander" which sounds kinda amazing

@theruran @float13 @mhd @th I'm going to imagine Mailmerge Commander is an early 2000s scifi film starring Matthew Lillard.

@float13 @mhd @th I remember having the WordPerfect ones for my first PC!

@th I feel like the nub may be one of the most controversial input devices of all time. I won’t share my thoughts on it; I’m sure you can infer from context 😄

@CodingItWrong @th It's not for everyone to be sure. But for those of us for whom it works well, it's glorious. So much can be done with just one's hands on the keyboard! Combined with a proper mouse, it's heaven. Naturally, if it doesn't work for you, being stuck with only a touchpoint would be hell.

@th They were gorgeous back in the day, but when they were past their prime, and I had to work on one, I recall it being unpleasant.

@th i remember this keyboard. Always wondered why this didn't catch on with other manufacturers

@snype @th Bigger LCD screens became much less expensive around the time that came out.

@freakazoid Yeah, I dunno what happened to it. I was underwhelmed on the software side of the house. It was full of little paper-cuts.

@th my thinkpad has a separate middle click button and an extra lmb and rmb

@th @jaywilliams I’ve been wanting to get one of those butterfly Thinkpad 701s for years. Soo awesome.

@th The X61 was the perfect clamshell form factor - I wish I could have one with current-gen hardware

I actually owned one of those ThinkPads. (Two, actually).

It's a clever mechanism, but nothing to write home about as a keyboard.
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