@th With a sufficiently advanced lap, it did in '83.

@mhd @th

Oh man I totally forgot about keyboard cutout cheat sheet templates... they should totally bring those back.

@th They were gorgeous back in the day, but when they were past their prime, and I had to work on one, I recall it being unpleasant.

@freakazoid Yeah, I dunno what happened to it. I was underwhelmed on the software side of the house. It was full of little paper-cuts.

@th @jaywilliams I’ve been wanting to get one of those butterfly Thinkpad 701s for years. Soo awesome.

@th The X61 was the perfect clamshell form factor - I wish I could have one with current-gen hardware

I actually owned one of those ThinkPads. (Two, actually).

It's a clever mechanism, but nothing to write home about as a keyboard.
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